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Fast Tracking Discovery—From Lab to Market

Fast Tracking Discovery—From Lab to Market

The ever-changing landscape of gene therapy has led to therapeutic developments for conditions once thought untreatable, as well as improvements in existing medical interventions. The use of viral vectors has become increasingly important in cell culture for gene therapy applications and requires a reliable, reproducible, and efficient scale-up platform to streamline time to market.

One of the most widely used viral vectors are adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), as they offer several advantages, such as:

  • Ease of genetic manipulation
  • Lack of replication
  • Accepting of large transgene DNA inserts
  • Robust transgene-specific T and B response

In order to support AAV adherent scale-up, Corning offers a portfolio of innovative solutions—from the new Ascent™ Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR) System to our HYPERStack®, CellStack®, and CellCube® culture vessels. Look to our decades-long expertise in cell culture product development, and our knowledgeable field application support specialists, to help guide your next gene therapy discovery.

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