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Solve tomorrow’s problems today with quality glassware, labware, and accessories from one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. 



Research and discovery take a special kind of focus that shouldn't be sidetracked by concerns about quality labware. As a leading innovator in reliable laboratory glassware, plasticware, and accessories, Corning can support your complete discovery needs, just as we have for scientists and researchers worldwide for 160 years.

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Labware Technical Library

From user and care guides to selection manuals and application notes, our online technical library is available 24/7 to assist you with your labware research applications.

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Enhanced Corning T-75 cm2U-Shaped Flask

Enhanced Corning T-75 cm2U-Shaped Flask

Improve usability while maintaining the same environment needed for successful cell growth.

The enhanced Corning T-75 flask continues to offer the same excellent environment for cell growth, along with such enhanced features as:
• Rounded shoulder shape, with fewer corners, for easier scraping.
• Easier-to-handle grip with better access to the cap.
• Optional pipet removal of liquid via the pipet divot.
• Access for up to 50 mL pipets.


New Laboratory Startup Program

New Laboratory Startup Program

Get 25% in free laboratory supplies!

Start your new laboratory with brands trusted worldwide for reliability and quality. Stock up on Corning products and enjoy free laboratory supplies equal to 25% of your total purchase.


Featured Resources

Webinar: Tips for Effective Cryopreservation

Watch this video to learn storage tips and tricks to help ensure the long-term quality of your frozen mammalian cell stocks.

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Webinar: Seeding Cells from a Cryogenic State

The process of thawing out cryopreserved cells is often overlooked or rushed. Yet during this critical step, your cells need a little extra attention. Watch and learn best practices for seeding cells from a cryogenic state.

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Enhanced Survival of LNCaP Cells Following Cryopreservation

Learn how to use the CryoStorTM CS5 Preservation Solution from BioLife Solutions and Corning CellBIND® Surface after cryopreservation to effectively enhance the survival of the difficult-to-preserve and maintain human prostate cancer cell line.

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