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Corning Laser Technologies

Corning Laser Technologies

Laser Cutting and Drilling of Glass and Brittle Materials

Laser Cutting and Drilling of Glass/Materials

Laser Processing and Automation for Micro Materials

Corning Laser Technologies is on the forefront of laser innovation, offering laser systems with a distinct advantage over conventional glass cutting processes. Corning offers laser glass processing systems with the ability to cut Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Lotus™ NXT, and Eagle XG® glass, as well as other chemically strengthened and un-strengthened glass types including soda-lime and other brittle materials.

These machine platforms serve a wide range of emerging applications that require precise and flexible glass processing technologies. They are designed for 24/7 operation in an industrial environment. Designed for substrate sizes from 10mm x 10mm up to 2.5m edge length, and combining superior beam delivery technology from fixed optics via scanner systems to flying optics, Corning Laser Technologies enables flexible adaption to individual customer design requirements.

Corning also offers in-house process development and tailored solutions for full automation – leveraging more than 20 years of experience in precision laser machining, along with more than 150 years of material science expertise, for a one-stop-shop for laser processing requirements.


Laser Cutting Systems

Advanced Laser Process

Conventional laser cutting is based on rapid heating processes, leading to vaporization and material removal. This method tends to create micro-cracks, chip-outs and a rough surface finish, which makes time consuming and costly subsequent grinding and polishing steps necessary, leading to low production yields.

Using specially tuned lasers to cut glass by disassociation rather than ablation, the Corning laser glass cutting technology provides numerous benefits:

Smooth Edges – The ‘as-cut’ edge roughness may significantly reduce or in some cases even eliminate post-processing and thus process time and cost.
High Break Strength – The ‘as-cut’ edge demonstrates superior break strength over other laser and conventional cutting processes as measured by 4 point bend tests.
Multi-Layer Stacks – The systems enable cutting of assembled functional multi-layer stacks with and without air gaps, where cutting depths can be adjusted.



Unique Benefits

  • Free-form, near net-shape cutting
  • Cuts: curved, straight, perpendicular and angled lines as well as holes and slots
  • Cuts up to 1 m/s to maximize throughput
  • Reliably reduces edge defects such as micro-cracks
  • Pristine edge quality
  • Minimal material loss
  • Minimal particle generation
  • Minimal surface roughness and SSD
  • Cuts functional multi-layer stacks
  • Cuts glass from <50µm up to 6 mm thickness
  • Automatic/touch-free separaton process on many materials
  • Reduces the need for post processing such as grinding and polishing
  • Eliminates fluids and tooling required in traditional processing methods


Laser Technologies