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Ensure safe, secure storage of tissue culture media, sera, buffers, and other aqueous solutions

Corning® polyethylene terephthalate (PET) media bottles are lightweight, break-resistant, and as transparent as glass—making them ideal for both air transportation and horizontal storage conditions. From ensuring in vivo-like cell culture environments to bridging the gap between R&D and production for large-scale bioprocess research applications, PET media bottles are a necessary solution for storing biological and chemical reagents while maintaining the integrity and purity of the composition. When it comes to storing media and sera for your research applications, look to Corning PET media bottles as a safe and secure storage solution.


Corning PET media bottles are lightweight and break-resistant, all while retaining glass-like clarity, non-cytotoxicity, and exceptional gas-barrier properties. Shattering of glass equipment in the lab can pose safety risks and lead to additional maintenance costs, which makes PET media bottles additionally beneficial for storage requirements. PET media bottles are proven to be break-resistant from drops up to 910 mm (35.8 inches), as shown in ISO 2278 and ASTM D5276 reports.


Corning PET media bottles feature an innovative, leak-proof screw cap for air transport (validated against packaging instruction IATA 650 standards). In addition, the ISO 2278 and ASTM D5276 reports found that no leakage was observed in PET media bottles after drop testing.

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The flexibility of the PET resin-based bottles makes them ideal for utilization across a wide range of temperatures. Corning PET media bottles are resistant to high internal pressure, as well as temperature differentials as low as -40°C.

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Leak-proof Screw Cap Validated Against IATA Standards

The screw cap is designed to ensure leak-proof performance and is validated against IATA standards for primary packaging used in air transportation.

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