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Moving Stem Cell Therapy Research Forward

Moving Stem Cell Therapy Research Forward

The recognition that mesenchymal stem cells can modify immune functions has piqued interest in developing cells to treat a range of musculoskeletal abnormalities, cardiac disease, and some immune abnormalities. The challenges of identifying, isolating, differentiating, and expanding these cells has limited widespread adoption to date. Still, Corning is committed to enabling advancement in this important research area. We offer a wide range of platforms and surface technologies to help drive your stem cell therapy research forward, including:

  • Pre-coated, high-density vessels for the reproducible expansion of adherent or suspension-based stem cell cultures
  • Customizable closed system options that eliminate open fluid manipulation
  • Specialized, xeno-free surfaces, media, and reagents to address stem cell research, providing you with a single supplier for your work with MSCs, ESCs, iPSCs, and NSCs
  • Customizable options in vessels, surfaces, and media to meet your requirements


Stem Cell Therapy Applications


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Stem Cell Therapy Applications

MEARY Center Paris Advances Personalized Medicine with Corning Products

MEARY Center Paris Advances Personalized Medicine with Corning Products

Discover which Corning products help Dr. Guillaume Churlaud and his team produce cell & gene therapy drugs to treat patients suffering from autoimmune, hematological, and cardiac diseases, and so much more.

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Do more with Corning HYPERStack Cell Culture Vessels


Do more with Corning HYPERStack Cell Culture Vessels

See how this closed system offers more surface area within a compact footprint.

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Adherent vs. Suspension: Which is Right for Your Lab?

Adherent vs. Suspension

Which cell culture method is right for your lab? Use this infographic to help you achieve your goals!

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Human bone marrow-derived MSC yields and viability from Corning HYPERStack 36-layer cell culture vessels. Bars are cell density and dots are viability.

Bone Marrow-derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Production in Corning HYPERStack 36-layer Cell Culture Vessels

Review the demonstration of the utility of the Corning HYPERStack 36-layer cell culture vessel as a tool to meet the growing demand for expanding bone marrow-derived MSCs to relevant scale for clinical application workflows.

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Red and blue stem cells

Human Umbilical Cord-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Production in Corning® HYPERStack® 36-layer Cell Culture Vessels

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are multipotent stromal cells, have recently attracted significant interest for their possible use in regenerative medicine applications. As a multipotent cell, MSCs have the potential to differentiate into other lineages such as adipocytes, osteocytes, and chondrocytes1.

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Efficient Expansion of hMSCs on Corning Attachment Microcarriers

Optimize human mesenchymal stem cell culture conditions to enable a uniform cell distribution on microcarriers with minimal shear while allowing sufficient exchange of nutrients and gases.

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red stem cell

PureCoat rLaminin-521 (Human) for Expansion and Differentiation of Human Neural Stem Cells

Corning PureCoat rLaminin-521 cultureware offers an animal-free ready-to-use platform for hNSC expansion and differentiation.

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purple and blue stem cells

Culture Conditions and ECM Surfaces for Stem Cell Differentiation

Discover how the use of ECM molecules and a unique peptide-based hydrogel can provide conditions that enable a variety of stem cell types to execute specific differentiation pathways.

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Rapid Expansion of hASCs With HYPERFlask

Using Corning HYPERFlask cell culture vessels, researchers were able to generate a great quantity of mesenchymal stem cells for research, as well as aiming future cellular therapeutic approaches

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Corning HYPER Technology and hMSC Expansion

The Corning HYPER Technology Platform vessels which include the HYPERFlask and the HYPERStack cell culture vessels, can be successfully utilized to scale-up hMSCs with expected viability, surface markers, and proliferation rates.

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PureCoat Flask

Novel Synthetic, Animal-free Surface Culture of Human Bone Marrow-derived MSCs

Learn how Corning PureCoat ECM and Firbontectin can support cell attachment and growth in MSC culture.

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