Industry Certifications

Industry Certification

Recognized by Top Industry Training Certification Organizations

Industry Certification Organizations

We are proud that the See the Light® program is recognized by top industry training certification organizations. Our shared commitment to deliver the most up-to-date fiber optic training in the industry ensures that you will always receive the quality training that you expect from Corning. Below is a listing of the organizations currently certifying our programs and training courses. Please check individual programs and course descriptions for the certifications associated with each offering.


BICSI established its credential programs to provide a level of assurance to the industry and to consumers that an individual has knowledge in a designated area of information technology systems (ITS) design or installation. BICSI professional designations are valued internationally and are recognized throughout the ITS industry.  More information on BICSI and the certifications offered can be found at

BICSI Credit Sheet

Electronics Technicians Association (ETA International)

ETA represents the electronics industry, from the technician and educator to the corporate institution. Widely known for electronics certification programs and accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC), ETA helps electronics technicians advance their knowledge and excel in their fields; while connecting employers to qualified electronics professionals. Corning is recognized as an approved certifier of ETA. To find out more about ETA visit

Electrical Training Alliance

The electrical training ALLIANCE (previously called NJATC) was created over 70 years ago as a joint training program between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) aimed at training the best electrical workers the industry has to offer. Today, the electrical training ALLIANCE has developed into the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind, having trained over 350,000 apprentices to journeyman status through local affiliate programs. To find out more about the electrical training ALLIANCE, visit

Fiber Optic Association (FOA)

The FOA is a international nonprofit educational organization that is chartered to promote professionalism in fiber optics through education, certification and standards. It was founded in 1995 by a dozen prominent fiber optics trainers and industry personnel as a professional society for fiber optics and a source of independent certification. Corning is currently listed as an FOA approved training school. To find out more about the FOA visit

SCTE a subsidiary of CableLabs®

SCTE stands out as the leading professional membership organization for technical cable, broadband, and telecommunications professionals. Our member benefits, technical training courses, professional certifications, and information resources are tailored to empower professionals at every level of the industry, providing them with the tools necessary for skill development and career advancement.

Through diverse programs and events that foster connections between members and vendors, SCTE not only strengthens relationships but also promotes thought leadership in technology. We are proud to have Corning endorse the SCTE Broadband Fiber Installation (BFI) FTTH Professional Certification. Also, record your Corning training on the SCTE recertified unit form for SCTE re-certification.

As a technical leader, SCTE guides the industry through initiatives and standards that enhance work quality, advance technologies, and contribute to sustainable, diversified, and successful business outcomes. Discover more about SCTE by visiting and