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Extreme closeup stem-shaped glass in shades of green, blue



Glass Inspiration

Glass Inspiration

No material inspires more creativity

Reflection, refraction, transparency, and color. Those are just some of the ways glass can interact with light and other materials to create breathtaking, and sometimes surprising, designs, technologies, and works of art. Discover how glass is inspiring engineers and artists to bridge the gap between a functional material and visionary medium.

We asked designers, engineers, and artists all about glass inspiration. Here, they share their insights about what glass can enable as well as the possibilities it creates for the future. What is it about glass that you find special? Share your thoughts and perspectives with us. Tell us why you are inspired by glass.

Guest Author Series

Inspired by Glass Video Series

They are visionaries ... pioneers ... renegades.

They are scientists ... artists ... innovators.

Through glass, they see possibility and create a new reality.

Through glass, they transform lives.