new Development Kit for microscopy applications

Corning® Varioptic® C-C-39N0-160 Microscope Auto Focus Lens Module

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Development Kit (DK) for microscopy applications using one of our C-C-Series lenses, the Corning® Varioptic® C-C-39N0-160 Auto Focus Lens Module.

With a design based on the Corning® Varioptic® D-u-25H0-075-03 Development Kit, this new kit enables higher magnifications (up to 10x) and a wider Field of View over our existing DK. The kit consists of one C-C-39N0-160 lens module, one C-C Com board and cable, one Adaptor ring, two C-mount extension tubes (20 & 50 mm length), Focuslab Software, and our standard Documentation Package. Click here to contact us for pricing and additional information.


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