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Corning® Varioptic® A-PE-Series

Corning® Varioptic® A-PE-Series

Products Details

A-PE-Series is a higher degree of integration of the Corning® Varioptic® liquid lens based on the combination of an A-P Series lens with a dedicated driving board. This product has been designed such as reducing the integration and development effort on user side (comprehensive hardware, calibrated lens etc…) as well as to enhance the electro-optical performance of the lens embedding temperature compensation algorithm for better open loop operation and providing response time acceleration features to handle ever increasing sensor frame rates.

This platform will be rolled out across the A-Series portfolio, starting with the A-25H0 lens.

Key Features

  • A-P- Series lens & electronic board
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Temperature compensation algorithm (V-Temp)
  • Response time acceleration algorithm (V-Speed)
  • Optical Power sweep algorithm (V-Sweep)

Ordering Information

  • A-PE- 25H0-33: Packaged A-25H0 with electronics and FPC-A-33

Getting Started

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