Corning® Varioptic® AF Explorer Development Kit

Introducing the AF Explorer

The Corning Varioptic AF Explorer is a comprehensive platform that produces fast and reliable auto focus based on Corning Varioptic liquid lens technology.

The kit consists of several PCB boards with associated software and is provided in a ready-to-use format, including a USB camera system allowing straight-forward evaluation of Corning liquid lens products.  The main structure is based on:


  • an Image Signal Processor (ISP) – this specific ISP can also be purchased separately from Corning for incorporation into other designs
  • a Cypress EZ-USB® CX3 USB 3.0 chip
  • an image sensor board
  • an integrated Time of Flight (TOF) sensor for distance measurement
  • different lighting options including white, blue, and NIR LED’s
  • AFLab Software that enables basic sensor settings, AF mode selection, AF Algorithm, and more


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A User-friendly Platform

The kit is best suited for camera developers who want to evaluate and study characteristics of the liquid lens, whether that be imaging performance, auto focus performance, or any other standard camera function. It offers various focus options:

  • Manual Focus, Switched Focus
  • Closed loop AF and Open loop AF: both triggered and continuous

In addition to functioning as an evaluation platform, this kit can be used as a reference design and a starting point for system designers, significantly reducing the development phase.

Configuration & Options

Default Configuration

D-AF-EXP-STD-075 is the default configuration of the Corning® Varioptic® AF Explorer kit. It is based on the Sony® IMX 335 sensor and Corning® Varioptic® C-S-25H0-075 Auto Focus lens module and includes:

  • Main board
  • Sensor Board (Sony IMX335 - 5MP 1/2.8”)
  • Corning Varioptic C-S-25H0-075-10 auto focus lens module
  • Time of Flight (TOF) sensor
  • Dedicated software
  • Several options available (Additional sensors; TFT LCD…)
  • Documentation Package

Block diagram


Additional Options

The standard configuration of the Varioptic AF Explorer can be modified with these additional options:

  • Sensor Board with Samsung M3085 (8MP 1/3.2")
  • Sensor Board with Sony IMX307 (2MP 1/2.8")
  • Sensor Board with Sony IMX335 (5MP 1/2.8")
  • Sensor Board with Sony IMX219 (8MP 1/4")
  • 2.8-inch LCD Display to visualize live output of the camera system

These kit configurations can be used with C-C-series lenses and C-S-series lenses from Corning Varioptic Lenses. Select combinations are more compatible than others as listed in the chart below:

Sony® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
EZ-USB® is a registered trademark of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.
Samsung® is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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