Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors and Xiamen University Celebrate the Establishment of Application Qualified Lab

Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors and Xiamen University Celebrate the establishment of Application Qualified Lab

Xiamen City, China – Corning Incorporated and Xiamen University announced the establishment of the Xiamen University-Corning® Advanced-Flow Reactors (AFR) Application Qualified Lab (AQL) at Xiamen University’s College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering located in the Fujian province. Application qualified labs enable AFR customers to effectively access continuous-flow demonstrations, experimental trials, feasibility testing, and chemical reaction process development.

The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University, which began in 1921 and formally established in 1991, is regularly recognized as one of the top five leading chemistry institutions in China. The Xiamen University-Corning AFR AQL joins a global network of AFR AQLs that provide customers with convenient access to Corning’s AFR Technology and technical expertise.

To help the industry qualify and quantify potential safety risks involved in chemical reaction processing, the university recently built the “Reactive Hazards Evaluation” Laboratory. Part of that laboratory’s work, led by Professor Huang Jiale, deputy director for the Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, includes advocating for the chemical manufacturing industry to advance from traditional batch processing to leveraging inherently safer continuous flow chemical processing.

“Professor Jiale, and the team at Xiamen University strongly believe in the inherent benefits of flow chemistry and Corning’s AFR technology. Over the past three years, we have developed a deep, trust- based relationship built on our combined commitment to advancing the chemical manufacturing industry and reducing potential safety risks,” said Yi Jiang, division vice president, Corning Emerging Innovations Group and chairman, Corning Advanced-Flow Reactor Technology. “Moving forward, this AQL will continue to focus on advancing the industry through education, talent development, and research.”

The Xiamen-Corning AFR AQL is fully equipped with Corning AFR technology, including Corning’s G1 ReactorG1 SiC Reactor, and Nebula Education Platform. Beginning this semester, Xiamen University will begin teaching flow chemistry using Corning’s Nebula Education Platform and G1 Reactor in laboratory classes to help conduct research across various fields including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and innovative materials to support next-generation energy storage.

“Educating students with the tools that are enabling the future of the chemical manufacturing industry is imperative to our curriculum,” said Professor Huang Jiale. “I am excited for Xiamen University to join the global network of Corning’s Advanced-Flow Reactor application labs, and this collaboration enables us to provide our students with comprehensive, industry focused research programs that will help educate and raise awareness of continuous flow technologies.”  

This newly established AQL celebrated its grand opening in early October 2023, which was attended by leaders from Xiamen University, Corning AFR, and strategic industry partners and customers. Following the opening ceremony, Yi Jiang hosted a plenary session with university students titled, "Flow Chemistry leads the way for future pharmaceutical manufacturing and new material innovation" as a part of the university’s “University Industry Frontier” lecture series.