Corning AFR Signs Distribution Agreement with Zaiput Flow Technologies | Advanced-Flow™ Reactor Technology for Flow Chemistry Solutions | Corning

Philadelphia, Pa. – Corning and Zaiput Flow Technologies recently signed a distribution agreement at the InformEx Tradeshow that establishes Corning as the exclusive distributor of Zaiput’s liquid-liquid phase separator and back-pressure regulators in the Greater China region.

“As a leader in the flow chemistry marketplace, we continue to build an ecosystem for our customer base and it’s important that we collaborate with companies that are focused on upstream and downstream innovations,” said Dr. Yi Jiang, global business director, Corning Reactor Technologies.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., Zaiput commercializes innovative tools for continuous flow chemistry with a focus on downstream processing.

“Innovation is at the heart of the ongoing flow chemistry revolution,” said Dr. Andrea Adamo, CEO and founder of Zaiput. “As a leading provider of flow-based reactor technology in China, Corning chose to advance its process integration by offering Zaiput’s technology to the marketplace.”

Zaiput’s liquid-liquid separators replace slow conventional extraction with patented technology that separates two phases (liquid-liquid or liquid-gas) by using membranes that enables one liquid to preferentially wet the membrane.

“The liquid-liquid separator offers a smaller footprint within a laboratory or industrial space and can be used in conjunction with Corning’s G1, Low-Flow or Lab Reactors to create a better system,” Yi said.

Corning recently showcased its latest reactor technologies along with representatives from Zaiput at CPhI China in Shanghai.