Angelini Pharma First in Italy to Install AFR G4 Reactor System | Advanced-Flow™ G4 Continuous Flow Reactor Technology | Corning

Aprilia, Italy – Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ Reactor (AFR) technology is gaining more traction in the pharmaceutical & chemical processing industry through customers like Angelini Pharma – who recently installed a G4 reactor system for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production in their Aprilia facility.

“We’re thrilled that Angelini represents the first successful industrial use of Corning’s AFR technology in Italy,” said Alessandra Vizza, regional commercial manager of Corning Reactor Technologies for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North/South America.   “They were ready to use and implement Corning’s technology as well as the key processes required to keep it running successfully in their plant.”

Angelini started out its relationship with Corning in early 2015 and quickly installed a G1 pilot line in their facility; Corning providing the reactors (G1 glass and G1 Silicon Carbide) and the dosing lines system. By mid-2016, they decided to make the switch over to Corning’s G4 production reactor shortly after the successful deployment of their product in the pilot installation including using Corning’s G1 Silicon Carbide reactor and ATEX dosing lines. 

“Corning has worked hand- in-hand with Angelini for the full execution of the quality process."  -Alessandra Vizza


“Using the G4 reactor, Corning provided a complete ATEX installation capable of meeting pharmaceutical quality and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, factory and site acceptance tests as well as the installation and operation qualification documentation.”

Angelini manufactures, markets and distributes products for personal health and wellbeing. They are an integrated company with extensive research, development, manufacture and marketing of active ingredients, branded drugs and equivalents, and medical products and dietary supplements.

Continuous flow reactors allow Angelini to perform chemical synthesis that were not previously commercially viable - increasing yields, product quality, scalability and efficiency of chemical processing while at the same time reducing performance variability and cost. They feel that the introduction of such technology in their Aprilia plant opens new opportunities for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production.

European and Italian pharmaceutical processing markets have just recently started to grow – with many customers interested in replacing their batch production processes with continuous flow technology for industrial use.

“Customers are looking for inherently safer and multi-purpose production units that can be easily implemented in existing facilities,” Alessandra said. “And with most of the production plants in Europe requiring refurbishment and updates to meet today’s market demands – it’s a good time for customers to move to continuous flow processing.”

From a technology and customer service perspective, Corning’s AFR technology provides full technical competencies and comprehensive support needed for chemical processing on a small or large scale.

“With more products now being manufactured in Europe, customers want to be innovative and a lead in the chemical and pharmaceutical market space and Corning’s AFR technology can help them achieve that,” Alessandra said.