First AFR G4 Reactor Deployed in India | Advanced-Flow™ G4 Reactor Technology | Corning

Gujarat, India – Corning’s Advanced Flow™ (AFR) technology continues to expand its footprint in India through its relationship with specialty chemical manufacturer Anupam Rasayan India Limited (ARIL). Over the past few years, the G4 reactor has been successfully implemented by Corning customers in Europe and Asia but ARIL’s use of the G4 reactor marks the first time the product has been deployed in India.

Corning's G4 reactor is built with ceramic fluidic modules and enables very high flow throughput for large-scale production and can be integrated into an existing plant as a cost competitive solution. And as a production reactor, the G4 can help customers move from research and development to production quicker.

ARIL has been in the specialty chemical industry for the past 40 years with products in a variety of market segments such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, pigments, dyestuff, material sciences and human care.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to work with ARIL,” said Praveen Gosain, AFR Commercial Director for India, Corning Reactor Technologies. “Integrating the G4 reactor into ARIL’s current processes has helped enhance and better enable the philosophy of a seamless scale up from lab to production and has already had an impact on a variety of their development projects.”

And for Anupam, process optimization and conversion of existing batch mode reactions to continuous reactions is a mission and a passion that they are glad they invested in.

“Anupam thrives to implement new process reaction technologies in manufacturing with our new and existing products and to integrate our key strengths of certain chemistries with process optimization,” said Anand Desai, Managing Director at Anupam. That’s why we’re using Corning AFR technologies in the continuous manufacturing of our products where difficult chemistries can be manufactured in a safer and more sustainable manner which is an important part of Anupam’s business philosophy.”

While Corning’s AFR business has been around for more than ten years, the growth and development in the Indian pharmaceutical and chemical processing markets has taken place primarily over the last six years. “A growing number of Indian chemical and pharmaceutical companies are turning to continuous manufacturing techniques to supplement, and in many cases replace, their batch production processes,” Praveen said. “Corning’s AFR solutions can provide support for customers looking to run their experiments on a smaller scale or produce chemicals on a larger scale.”

And today, most of the top 20 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers in India have either deployed or tested Corning AFR Technology. “India’s chemical processing and pharmaceutical market is growing and changing rapidly – and Corning’s AFR technology has a variety of solutions to help meet the needs of small and large laboratories as well as industrial scale manufacturing,” Praveen said.