Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Inclusive Culture. Diverse Talent. Inspired Innovation.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to Corning’s belief in the fundamental dignity of The Individual – one of Corning’s seven core Values. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive.

Wendell Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“Diversity is a source of our strength. As a company, we represent different backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts. When we work across global teams, live our Values, and embrace diversity, we create an inclusive culture that enables everyone to thrive. Together we can make progress toward a more equitable society. We’re one Corning – united and strong.”

Corning’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has Never Been Stronger

Corning’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are passionate about the individuals who make up our company and believe it is incumbent upon our leaders – and all of us as colleagues – to create and maintain an environment where employees can contribute to their potential. Valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion is key to this mindset.

While Corning’s formal diversity journey began in 1968, we are a company whose success as one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science has been built by the brilliance and determination of our diverse workforce for 170 years. Today we celebrate diversity and inclusion on a global scale with approximately 50,000 employees in ~45 countries.

It is a priority for us to attract, develop, promote, and retain the world’s best diverse talent with deep technical and commercial knowledge. We want Corning to be the employer of choice for these individuals, and we distinguish ourselves through our strong Values, approach to inclusion, and a robust portfolio of employee development offerings.

Another priority is to expand leadership opportunities for Corning’s diverse emerging talent, and this focus is paying off. Over the past decade, our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have significantly improved the representation of diverse individuals at the highest levels of the organization. Going forward, we will continue these efforts to ensure our talent representing all dimensions of diversity is given every opportunity to be a part of the global leadership team that carries Corning forward in our chosen markets for another 170 years.

Supporting Employees with Employee Resource Groups

Corning’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide new and not-so new employees opportunities to meet each other, network, and develop a sense of belonging within our inclusive culture. Many ERGs offer professional development and training opportunities for their members and help the company recruit and retain employees. Each ERG elects its own leaders who work with members to develop and meet their annual objectives. Our ERGs have an executive sponsor, typically a senior leader or midlevel manager at Corning.

At Corning, we understand that employees need ways to meet their colleagues and network. One of the best ways to do this is by joining an Employee Resource Group (ERG). We proudly sponsor a variety of ERGs that represent vital employee constituencies. Our ERGs represent women, African Americans, those with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, and veterans among others. Many ERGs have multiple chapters in Corning’s various global locations. All ERGs are open to all Corning employees who are interested in joining.

Employee Resource Groups contribute to Corning’s success by leveraging their passion to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment.
  • Help to recruit and retain diverse talent.
  • Raise awareness around important issues.
  • Advocate for change and work with the company to adopt new policies and services.
  • Provide professional development opportunities.
  • Sponsor cultural activities that engage the broad employee population, which increases cultural understanding and enhances working relationships.
  • Engage in community outreach.
  • Serve as living examples of Corning’s Values.
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