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[{"faqCategory":"Certificate FAQs","faqList":[{"question":"Why is Corning going paperless?","answer":"<ul><li><strong>Efficient</strong>: ensuring the correct item – lot combination have shipped&nbsp;</li><li><strong>Easy</strong>: direct access to our product catalogue for any questions regarding your item specifications&nbsp;</li><li><strong>Environmentally friendly</strong>: reduce the use of paper</li></ul>"},{"question":"When will Corning be 100% paperless?","answer":"<ul><li>March 2019</li></ul>"},{"question":"Will all item – lot combinations be available?","answer":"<ul><li>Yes, all Discovery Labware previous lots are already uploaded and all future lots will be added as they are created</li></ul>"},{"question":"Where can I find a copy of the Certificate of Compliance /Certificate of Analysis?","answer":"<ul><li>Please refer to this link – <a href=\"http://www.corning.com/downloadcerts\">www.corning.com/downloadcerts</a></li></ul>"},{"question":"What if I cannot find my Certificate of Compliance/Certificate of Analysis?","answer":"<ul><li>Please contact Scientific Support for issues downloading your certificates or other technical questions <a href=\"mailto:scientificsupportemea@corning.com\">scientificsupportemea@corning.com</a></li></ul>"},{"question":"Do you have more questions?","answer":"<ul><li>Should you have any questions please contact your local sales representative or contact our customer support at <a href=\"mailto:CSEurope@Corning.com\">CSEurope@Corning.com</a></li></ul>"}],"resourcePath":"/emea/en/products/life-sciences/resource-library.html"},{"faqCategory":"Online Ordering FAQs","faqList":[{"question":"I do not have an account with Corning; can I still order online? ","answer":"Yes. You can place an order as a Guest User and pay by credit card (at regular list prices).&nbsp;To pay by purchase order or receive account specific pricing, you will need to create a&nbsp;<u><a href=\"https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2b/EUOther/en/login?clear=true\" title=\"full service account\" adhocenable=\"false\">full service account</a></u>."},{"question":"I have special requirements; can I request these online? ","answer":"At this time,&nbsp;you can only order products available in our e-catalog. Special lot, reservation, etc. is also possible. For more information, contact Corning’s <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\"><u>Customer Service</u></a> department at +3120 659 6051."},{"question":"Do I have to register to place an order with Corning? ","answer":"No.&nbsp;You do not need to create an account profile to order from Corning online. You can place an order as a Guest User and pay by credit card (at regular list prices).&nbsp;To pay by purchase order or receive account specific pricing you will need to create a create a&nbsp;<u><a href=\"https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2b/EUOther/en/login?clear=true\" adhocenable=\"false\">full service account</a></u>."},{"question":"What if I have a question about my order? ","answer":"For questions about your order, for immediate assistance, contact Customer Service at the country specific toll free number or at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51. Have your order number ready and the Customer Service representative will assist you. You may also send an email to <a href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/resources/CSEurope@corning.com\">CSEurope@corning.com</a>&nbsp;and should have a response within two (2) business hours (8:30 am -5:00 pm ET)."},{"question":"I forgot my password, what do I do?","answer":"To reset your password, click on the Sign in/Register link at the top of the page and then click on the Help link beneath the log in dialogue box."},{"question":"How do I change my password? ","answer":"You can change your password at any time by going to your&nbsp;<a title=\"Account Profile\" href=\"https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2b/EUOther/en/login?clear=true\" adhocenable=\"false\"><u>Account Profile</u></a>&nbsp;and typing in your old password, your new password and confirmation, then clicking on “update your account information”."},{"question":"Will my information be secure? ","answer":"Yes. Corning is concerned about the&nbsp;<u><a href=\"/content/corning/emea/emea/en/privacy-policy.html\" adhocenable=\"false\">safety and security of our customer’s transactions</a></u>. We have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure the transaction process is safe and your information is secure."},{"question":"Can I save my order for a later date?","answer":"<p>Registered Users can save their cart and place an order at a later date. If your saved cart contains products that you frequently order, you may submit it as often as you like to reorder those products. Prices are subject to change.</p><p><b>NOTE:</b>&nbsp;This service is not available to Guest Users.</p>"},{"question":"If I order online, will I still receive my contract pricing?","answer":"In order to receive your contract pricing, you must create a&nbsp;<u><a href=\"https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2b/EUOther/en/login?clear=true\" title=\"full service account\">full service account</a></u>. Once this account is created, you will automatically see your contract/account specific pricing when you log in to the system."},{"question":"Is there any item that I cannot purchase online?","answer":"Yes. While the vast majority of Corning products are available for purchase through the&nbsp;<u><a href=\"/content/corning/emea/emea/en/products/life-sciences.html\" adhocenable=\"false\">www.corning.com/lifesciences</a></u>&nbsp;website, several products are not. These products cannot be purchased online because they are either special order, made-to-order, OEM or other specialty products. These products include: Corning<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;CellCube<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;systems, bar coded microplates, and OEM glass tubing."},{"question":"How much will I be billed for shipping?","answer":"<p>For online orders, for standard parcel shipment via UPS ground transportation from the Main North America Corning warehouse, shipping is free. All expedited shipping is billed at a higher flat rate.</p><p>For Discovery Labware products shipped from our Woburn, MA or Bedford, MA warehouses, a flat freight charge is applied per order.</p><p>For Corning media, sera, and reagent products shipped from our Manassas, VA facility, a variable rate freight charge is applied per order.</p><p>For products requiring refrigerated shipping, ice charges vary per product and quantity and will be applied per shipment at the time of shipping.</p>"},{"question":"How much will I be billed for tax? ","answer":"<p>Depending on your company’s tax status and your country's tax system, you will billed accordingly.</p><p>When you sign up for a full service account no VAT will be charged except for Domestic customers in the Netherlands.</p><p>Customers with Limited Use Accounts and Guest Users will be charged Dutch VAT for their online purchases.</p>"},{"question":"How are my items shipped? ","answer":"Your order will be shipped via UPS unless otherwise specified by your account."},{"question":"Do you share my information with anyone? ","answer":"Corning adheres to a&nbsp;<u><a href=\"/content/corning/emea/emea/en/privacy-policy.html\" title=\"strict privacy policy\" adhocenable=\"false\">strict privacy policy</a></u>. Corning does not sell or redistribute its customer list and only shares information with other parties as part of its normal order fulfillment and account maintenance activities."},{"question":"How do I set up another ship to or bill to location for my account? ","answer":"Any changes to your bill to location must be made through Corning’s <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\"><u>customer service</u></a> at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51. You may&nbsp;add additional ship to locations&nbsp;in your <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://ecatalog.corning.com/life-sciences/b2b/EUOther/en/login?clear=true\" target=\"_blank\"><u>account profile</u></a>."},{"question":"Can I have my online order expedited? ","answer":"Express shipping is not available for online orders, please contact our <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Customer Service</u></a> for more information about alternative shipping methods."},{"question":"The product I ordered is \"currently unavailable\". What does this mean and what do I do? ","answer":"Occasionally high demand for a product can create a temporary out-of-stock situation. Most out-of-stock situations last a very short period of time. An out-of-stock product is not discontinued. To find out when the product you ordered will be back in stock and shipped to you, contact Corning <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Customer Service</u></a> at the country specific toll free number or at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51. If your product need is urgent, Customer Service can also work with you to find a suitable alternative. Many Corning products are offered in multiple packaging configurations, so you may be able to get the exact product you need but in a different quantity per case."},{"question":"The product I want is discontinued. What do I do? ","answer":"<p>When a product has been discontinued, as long as Corning continues to have stock for this item, you can order it. If Corning no longer has any stock, replacement products will be suggested.</p><p>You can also contact Corning’s <a href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\" adhocenable=\"false\"><u>Customer Service</u></a><a></a>&nbsp;at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51 for more information about discontinued products.</p>"},{"question":"Will you notify me of backorders and changes in order status? ","answer":"If you are a Registered User, you can select an option in your Account Preferences to be notified by email if the expected ship date changes by more than two days. Guest Users will automatically be notified when their expected ship date changes by more than two days."},{"question":"How do I check my order history? ","answer":"<p>Your order history is kept in the Corning Life Science online system. To access your order history, click on the Welcome message at the top of the page to go to your account profile. Then click on the Order History tab.&nbsp;</p><p><b>NOTE</b>: This service is not available to Guest Users.</p>"},{"question":"Does Corning store my credit card number? ","answer":"No. When you submit your order, Corning verifies the credit card number and requests payment for only the amount of your order plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling fees. You need to enter your credit card information each time you place an order."},{"question":"How do I get discounted pricing for products that I purchase frequently?","answer":"Contact Corning <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Customer Service</u></a> at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51. They will have your local Corning account representative contact you to discuss pricing."},{"question":"How can I update my account profile? ","answer":"After you log in, click on the “Welcome [your name]” link at the top of the page; it will take you to your profile. It is important to keep your account profile up-to-date as this will ensure you receive email notifications for order confirmations, order shipments, and simplifies the ordering process, and you can save more than one shipping address."},{"question":"How do I know that my order has been processed? ","answer":"<p>If you are a Registered User, there are two ways to know your order has been processed:</p><ul><li>If you have selected the Notify option in your Account Profile communications preferences, you will receive an email notification when your order is placed, when it is in fulfillment, and when it ships.</li><li>After logging in, you can also visit the Order History page to see the current status of your order and more detailed information.</li></ul><p>Guest Users will receive an email confirmation upon submitting their order and another email when their order is shipped. A link in the email allows you to view your order status.</p>"},{"question":"How do I check on the status of my order? ","answer":"If you ordered product over the Corning website, you can either view order status via the secure online ordering system or contact Corning Customer Service at +31 (0) 20 659 60 51. If you ordered product by calling or faxing Corning, you need to call Corning <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.corning.com/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/customer-service.html\" target=\"_blank\"><u>Customer Service</u></a>. Guest Users will receive an email confirmation upon submitting their order and another email when their order is shipped. A link in the email allows you to view your order status."},{"question":"Online Specials","answer":"<ul><li><b>Can I get the online special pricing if I don't have an account?</b></li></ul><p>Yes, Online Specials are&nbsp;available for online purchase only by anyone with a valid credit card or via Purchase Order if you have a direct account with Corning.</p><ul><li><b>Are the online discounts available if I purchase via EDI?</b></li></ul><p>No. These discounts apply to online purchases only and are not available through other purchase methods including phone, fax, email, or EDI.</p><ul><li><b>Is there a limit on the duration of the online special offers?</b></li></ul><p>Monthly Promotions are available for a limited time only. Other Online Specials are available on an ongoing basis based on availability.&nbsp;</p><ul><li><b>Can I combine &quot;Buy-Get&quot; promotion from Corning with the special discount price offered on the Corning website?</b></li></ul><p>Online Specials cannot be combined with any other promotional offers and is subject to the terms and conditions.</p><ul><li><b>What's the return policy for products purchased from online specials?</b></li></ul><p>All sales are final for the Special Offers. No returns will be accepted. For Monthly Promotions, see our&nbsp;<a></a><a href=\"/content/corning/emea/emea/en/products/life-sciences/support-main/return-repair-policies.html\" adhocenable=\"false\">Return Policy</a>&nbsp;for details.</p>"}],"resourcePath":"/emea/en/products/life-sciences/resource-library.html"}]