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Axygen Axypet Pro Pipettors

Axypet Pro pipettors feature color-coded pushbuttons to match Axygen MultiRack tips and allow easy size identification and intuitive tip inserting.

Lightweight construction, contoured handle, and 4-digit counter are designed to provide comfort and control. Available in single-, 8-, and 12-channel configurations. All Axygen Axypet Pro pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces to reduce wrist strain and fatigue (RSI).

Axygen Axypet Pro pipettors have been designed to maintain their calibration, even after repeated use and autoclaving. A key is included with each pipettor for easy in-house calibration.


Axygen MultiRack Tips

The Axygen MultiRack tip system has been engineered to fit most of the pipettors in the market. It is an interchangeable, complete system offered in bulk, racked, filter, and reload packaging styles to meet the variety of needs in the lab setting.

For racked and reload packaging styles, the tips are pre-loaded into easy-load, color-coded deck inserts. With a small benchtop footprint and reusable rack, this system minimizes environmental impact and lab space. Axygen MultiRack tip system products are made in the USA and meet ISO standards.

Precision and accuracy with intuitive color coding. MultiRack tips guarantee the intuitive inserting and perfect compatibility.

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