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Innovation Never Stops

Innovation Never Stops

The US Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the first CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T cell therapy was a key advancement in cancer therapy. As new T cell therapies continue to progress clinically, the need for autologous T cell manufacturing technologies that cost-effectively scale from pre-clinical to commercial production is becoming critical. Using the immune system to fight disease with CAR T applications has led to breakthrough advancements in disease management.

CAR T cell therapy is not without its challenges. These applications require complex manufacturing and supply chain protocols, CAR T models are high cost with strict requirements, and financial coverage for therapies in market is difficult to come by. As new T cell therapies continue to progress clinically, the need for autologous, streamlined T cell manufacturing technologies that cost-effectively scale from pre-clinical to commercial production is becoming critical.

Corning understands your need for clinical cell expansion platforms that scale from research to commercial production. Leveraging our expertise in research-scale immune cell culture, we partner with cutting-edge US cancer centers to develop technologies designed to reduce manufacturing time and drive down production costs.

For example, the Corning® X-SERIES® Cell Separation Platform is the latest technology that can simplify your immune therapy cancer research by offering a series of systems that can automate many of the necessary steps involved in cell processing. This flexible, multi-system platform provides a streamlined solution with speed and performance gains in purifying mononuclear cells, washing contaminants from cell fractions, selecting specific cell populations, and concentrating cellular suspensions.

Whatever your immune cell research goals, let Corning’s portfolio of cell therapy solutions, along with support from our seasoned Field Application Specialists, partner with you along your path to discovery.

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Corning X-SERIES Platform

Immune Cell Therapy Applications

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Trends in Precision Medicine: Cancer

Trends in Precision Medicine: Cancer

This whitepaper reviews topics and trends in this emerging research area including 3D cultures, organoids in cancer research, tumor microenvironments, organ-on-a-chip and body-on-a-chip, and 3D bioprinting.


Adherent vs. Suspension: Which is Right for Your Lab?

Adherent vs. Suspension

Which cell culture method is right for your lab? Use this infographic to help you achieve your goals!

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Red Blood Cells

X-WASH System for Closed, Sterile PBMC Washing

See a comparison of peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) recovery and viability from two commonly used cryopreservation formulations in association with two DMSO reduction protocols

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Mesenchymal stem cells

X-WASH System for DMSO Reduction of Cryopreserved hMSCs

Corning X-WASH is able to deliver a significant reduction in DMSO concentration of cryopreserved bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs), while maintaining high cell recovery, viability, and multipotency.

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Corning X-LAB System for Closed, Sterile PBMC Recovery

X-LAB System for Closed, Sterile PBMC Recovery

The Corning X-LAB system is designed to isolate and harvest PBMCs from blood and blood products in a closed, sterile device that is automation-friendly.

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X-SERIES in use

Calculating Cellular Mass Balance After X-SERIES Processing

In order to ensure a Corning X-LAB or X-WASH protocol is optimized, it is recommended to perform a cellular mass balance to confirm cell recovery.

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Red and white blood cells illustration

PBMC Isolation With X-LAB

Isolating pure populations of PBMCs from whole blood traditionally requires sample dilution and use of a density gradient medium to deplete red blood cells, granulocytes, and platelets.

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Studies Supporting Corning Cell Cultureware for Gene Therapy Applications

Review a bibliography of published papers supporting the use of Corning cell expansion cultureware in cell, immune, and gene therapy applications.

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White blood cell illustration

Novel Buoyancy Based Cell Selection: X-BACS™ Technology

Efficient isolation of desired cell populations is the cornerstone in the development of manufacturing and quality control processes for emerging cell therapies. Learn more about a buoyancy based cell selection method that efficiently isolates desired cell populations from a mixture of cell types.

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