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Detail of person in gloves working with optic components

Optical Finishing Equipment and Processes

Optical Finishing Capabilities

Optical Finishing Capabilities

Optical Finishing Capabilities

Unique Machining Capabilities:

  • Abrasive WaterJet machining for lightweight core structures
  • CNC machining for lightweight mirrors and cores

Specialized Grinding Equipment:

  • 8-meter beam grinder for large blanks
  • Large Campbell grinder for blanks up to 4 meters
  • Curve generating equipment for spherical blanks

World’s largest gang wire-saw

Diamond turning

  • World leader in diamond turned reflective and refractive optics

µ-inch precision metal machining

Extensive use of deterministic processes:

  • Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF)
  • Ion Beam Etching

Part shapes

  • Windows, Prisms, Spheres, Aspheres