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Optical Fiber Videos- Fiber Matters

Optical Fiber Videos- Fiber Matters

Optical Fiber Videos- Fiber Matters

Fiber Matters

Fiber Matters

In today’s world of global telecommunications, optical fiber is the core of connectivity, providing the medium through which networks instantaneously transmit voice, data, and video along a strand of glass that is stronger than steel yet thinner than a human hair.

Redefining Density with Corning® SMF-28® Ultra and Ultra 200 Fibers

Corning® SMF-28® Ultra fiber provide industry-leading attenuation, improved macrobend performance, and a 9.2 µm mode field diameter all-in-one fiber.

At The Speed of Light

We invented the first low-loss optical fiber which started a telecommunication revolution; we will continue to lead the industry in developing the next generation of technology for the communications networks of today and tomorrow.

A New Era in Optical Fiber Infrastructure

A new era of optical fiber has arrived and carriers can now benefit from transparency in their fiber infrastructure as there is no longer a need to choose between “loss” (attenuation) and “bend”.

Corning® SMF-28® Ultra Optical Fiber: Low Loss and Better Bend in One Fiber

Choosing the right optical fiber for your needs is not simple. Customers often feel as if they must compromise to get exceptional bend resilience, legacy network compatibility, and low loss.

Our SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber allows you to have it all in one fiber.

Fiber 101

A short tutorial detailing the basics of optical fiber, its composition, and its capabilities.

How to Unpack, Transport, and Store Corning Optical Fiber

The combination of shipping spools, spool covers, and plastic shipping totse or corrugated boxes protects the fiber during shipping and handling.

Corning's Manufacturing Advantage

Our manufacturing process is highly controlled with quality architecture built in at every stage. The resulting advantages enable us to make industry-leading, high-quality, and innovative optical fiber.

Corning Optical Fiber Reliability

Optical fiber has a 35-year record of dependable service in telecommunications networks around the world with more than two billion kilometers of optical fiber in use today.

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