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CellBIND Surface

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Corning CellBIND Surface

Corning CellBIND Surface

From a detailed overview to information about the benefits of wettability, learn more about enhance

Corning CellBIND Surface: An Improved Surface for Enhanced Cell Attachment

Optimize your cell attachment by increasing the oxygen content of the polymer surface to enhance hydrophilicity and wettability, which are known to improve cell spreading and attachment.

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The Synergistic Effect of HEK 293 Cells

The Synergistic Effect of HEK 293 Cells

Discover the advantage of combining the Corning CellBIND Surface and serum-free media for adherent

The Synergistic Effect of HEK 293 Cells Grown in Serum-free Medium with the Corning CellBIND Surface

Benefits of Using CellBIND for Culturing HEK 293 Cells:

• Under these serum-free conditions, HEK 293 cells maintain a more normal/flattened adherent morphology on the Corning CellBIND Surface versus a standard Tissue Culture-treated surface
• The improved adherence of HEK cells on the Corning CellBIND Surface results in 69% more cells at 96 hours as compared to cells grown on standard tissue culture treated surfaces
• The Corning CellBIND Surface yields a greater number of total cells (adherent and nonadherent) during the time course of the study

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Increase Cell Growth and Yield with Corning Cell

Increase Cell Growth and Yield with Corning Cell

Enhance cell attachment under difficult conditions, such as reduced-serum or serum-free medium,

Increase Cell Growth and Yields with Corning CellBIND Surface

From benefits and quality standards to applications information, learn how Corning CellBIND surface can improve your attachment success.

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