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Fiber Cleaning

LAN888 Corning Optical Communications Single-Fiber and Multi-fiber Connector Cleaning Kits are designed for effective cleaning and visual inspection of fiber optic connector end-faces in LAN, central office and outside plant environments, whether fully accessible or through an adapter. Whether performing a ‘dry’ clean, ‘wet’ clean or a combination of the two, each kit offers all the products recommended for cleaning connectors. Since electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern during a ‘dry’ clean, these kits contain cleaners specifically formulated to dissipate static when the end-face is pulled across a cleaner surface or a stick is inserted into an adapter. To facilitate end-face inspection prior to mating, as recommended, a 200x microscope is included in the deluxe kits. Consumables can be purchased individually to restock the kits when needed.

Application: Cleaning

Product Specifications:
> Single-Fiber and Multi-Fiber Connector Cleaning Kits