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Product FAQs


  • If I order a hybrid cable, which fibers are first, multimode or single-mode?
  • What is a self-supporting cable? Can it be installed in an aerial environment in the same fashion as ALTOS® cable?
  • When pulling cable through conduit, how should I attach the pulling grip?


  • Can an FC connector be connected to an SC connector?
  • Can fiber optic connectors be directly terminated onto 250 µm fibers?
  • How do I test MT-RJ Connectors?
  • How do I test Single-Fiber Connectors?
  • What is anaerobic adhesive and can it be used with all connectors?

Optical Fiber

  • Should fibers be cleaned after they are cleaved?
  • What is the color code for fibers in fiber optic cable?


  • Can you install a wall-mount patch panel into an equipment rack?
  • What is a NEMA-rated cabinet?
  • What is encapsulant and should I use it?


  • How can I access individual fibers in a ribbon in a mid-span access situation?
  • Is it possible to splice a ribbon cable to a regular loose tube or tight-buffered cable?

Splice Equipment

Testing Issues

  • How do I test a cable reel?
  • How do I test MT-RJ Connectors?
  • How do I test Single-Fiber Connectors?
  • How much loss am I allowed in my system?
  • What equipment is necessary to test my system?


  • If I already have a UniCam® connector tool kit, do I also need a CamSplice™ tool kit to assemble CamSplice mechanical splices?
  • When do I have to use a No-Nik® stripping tool instead of a Miller tool when stripping fibers?
  • Which fiber access tool do I need to perform a mid-span access on a fiber optic cable?


  • Do you rent fiber optic equipment?
  • What are the dimensions of a cable, a piece of hardware, a connector, etc.?