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Operator-Grade Solutions, Tested and Approved

The Corning MobileAccess DAS is designed to address the needs of operators around the world. With an innovative Wire-it-Once approach, the Corning MobileAccess platform delivers reliable, operator-grade coverage for multiple operator frequency bands, services and technologies on a single, unified architecture, and has been deployed by leading operators around the world, as well as by leading U.S. carriers.

  • Multi-Frequency Band – Corning MobileAccess solutions provide indoor coverage for a breadth of RF frequencies over one open platform, including 2G, 3G, and 4G voice and data services, paging, public safety, Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Wireless Medical Telemetry Services (WMTS).
  • Design Flexibility
    • Easily add more capacity (sectorize) without impacting the link budget of an existing deployment
    • Use alternate wiring and cabling that may already exist in the venue
    • Low and medium product power output ranges
    • Campus coverage options – supporting up to 20 Km
    • Single-mode or multimode fiber options available
    • Allows for use with either local AC power or remote DC power
  • Neutral Host Solution – Our neutral host solution allows for multiple operators to share a single system while providing exclusive control of each operator’s part of the system, including dedicated service cards, fiber optics and remote modules which are all frequency specific.
  • Commissioning and Optimization - Once all components of the solution have been installed, a Corning MobileAccess certified engineering team member conducts a final inspection of all critical system elements and coordinates with the wireless operator to ensure a successful turn-up and sign-off. The initial system performance is measured and assessed and used for the ongoing process of adjusting the system parameters to get the most out of the installed system.
  • Management and Monitoring – Our network management solution provides the ability to view the system components, identify problem sources and detect degradation prior to outages.
  • Modularity – Our solutions provide the ability to test, isolate and replace system components in the field without impacting the entire system.
  • Interoperability – The Corning MobileAccess solutions have been tested and approved for interoperability with Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems (WMTS) by GE Healthcare and Philips, as well as with Wireless LAN (WLAN) by Cisco.

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