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Flexible Multi-Service Coverage

The single operator MobileAccess1000 offers reliable and robust facility-wide wireless coverage over a single, broadband infrastructure. The solution uses service-specific, chassis-based modules that automatically groom wireless signals, providing the amplification and interference mitigation necessary to maintain signal strength and quality of service in a variety of medium to large-scale environments. Up to four wireless services, including MIMO, capabilities are supported on a single infrastructure.


MobileAccess1000 Benefits:/uploadedImages/Cable_Systems/NAFTA/Assets/Images/ma_building_MA1000_Solo.jpg

  • Multi-service broadband architecture accommodates up to four cellular voice and data services, eliminating the need for separate parallel networks for each service. Supports: TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, AWS, and services such as CELL/PCS, paging and iDEN.
  • Modular carrier-service packaging for easy and cost-effective addition of new voice and data services.
  • Higher power quad-service remote modules optimize the number of antennas required to cover open air topologies (available in both indoor and outdoor configurations).
  • Managed elements are housed in secure and accessible telecom closets.
  • Intelligent signal handling and low-loss elements ensure operator-grade performance.
  • Integrated and transparent Wi-Fi® support.
  • Proactive management system enables centralized monitoring and control.