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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) 

A Complete Portfolio of Operator-Grade, Enterprise-Ready
In-Building Cellular Solutions

Cellular coverage doesn’t just happen. To ensure five-bar cellular coverage and adequate cellular data capacity for Smart Phones, IT managers deploy in-building infrastructures known as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Distributed Antenna System vendors like Corning MobileAccess provide a dedicated network of distributed antennas and a wired path for delivering licensed radio frequencies closer to end users, indoors.

The comprehensive Corning MobileAccess portfolio of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit every facility, large or small. As a leading Distributed Antenna Systems vendor, our enterprise-ready, operator-grade solutions enable a wide variety of technologies and service offerings including 4G LTE network architecture for the newest breed of mobile devices.

Backed by award-winning technical expertise, our portfolio gives enterprises and operators maximum flexibility with a broadband, multi-operator pay-as-you-grow option and single-operator options using existing LAN cabling. Learn why Corning MobileAccess solutions are deployed by a nationwide network of integrators, in some of the world’s state-of-the-art stadiums, hospitals, hotels, and enterprises.

Corning ONE Wireless Platform
Watch the Corning ONE Wireless
Platform in action.

Convergence = Savings

Built on an all-optical backbone, the Corning ONE TM   Wireless Platform enables convergence of cellular services, Wi-Fi, Ethernet applications and more. The ONE solutions can be deployed in half the time, only uses half the space of the multiple systems you would need to combine to achieve all that ONE does — and it can save customers up to 50 percent* on network upgrades.


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