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Switch Center Solutions

Centrix™ Platform, Corning’s next-generation switch center solution, combines extreme flexibility and simplicity with the ultimate in density. With superior jumper management and an innovative fiber routing system, Centrix Platform is a cross-functional solution that meets the requirements of multiple application spaces.

Hardware Rack Close up version of centrix rack configuration Component of Centrix Small configuration of Centrix products Inside look of Centrix catridge
  • Supports an industry-leading 4,320 LC or 2,880 SC ports per frame
  • Modular cassette design enables one platform for multiple application spaces including switch centers, access nodes, street cabinets and building entry points
  • Superior jumper management that accommodates 2.0-mm jumpers
  • As much as 20 percent more jumper routing space and 50 percent more cable routing space compared to competitive solutions
  • Frame available in both front and rear cable access designs
  • Innovative fiber routing system optimizes jumper management and allows the division of  jumper routing paths to reduce pileup
  • Offers integration of optical devices such as WDMs, splitters and test ports
  • Offers on-frame splicing without loss of connector count density or special splice housing interconnections


Eclipse® Hardware Product Family Enhanced Management Frame
Eclipse Hardware Rack 
  • Uniquely flexible integrated fiber management
  • Universal housing accommodates both traditional and custom applications
  • Pre-engineered, 864-fiber solution can be housed on a standard 7-ft rack
  • ECL-D4U housing offers on-frame splicing without sacrificing density
Enhanced Management Frame (EMF) 
  • 1,728 fiber capacity
  • Enables on-frame splicing without sacrificing density
  • Splitter accessories do not require separate housing
  • EMF-MTP® Modules can reduce the number of individual fiber jumpers by as much as 91 percent
  • EMF-Pretium EDGE® Modules can increase the number of fiber terminals up to 2,304

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