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  First PYREX Catalog
  Figure 1. Corning's first PYREX® catalog in 1915 only had flasks and beakers. 

Of the hundreds of commercial glasses produced, PYREX low expansion borosilicate Type I glasses comes closest to being the ideal glass for most laboratory applications.

With proper care, they will withstand nearly all temperatures used in normal laboratory use. They are highly resistant to chemical attack. Their low coefficient of expansion allows them to be manufactured with heavy walls, giving them mechanical strength, while retaining good heat resistance.

Corning offers three Borosilicate Type 1 glasses in their PYREX Brand glassware:

Check our Glassware Document Library for the characteristics and properties of these PYREX glasses.

New PYREX   PYREX Assortment Packs   PYREX VERIFIED Volumetric Flask
Store More with PYREX® Storage Bottles! Check out the new Corning Bottle Selection and Use Guide.               Save money! Corning offers PYREX® Assortment Packs for Erlenmeyer Flasks, Cylinders and Beakers.            Every new PYREX® VERIFIED Volumetric Flasks are guaranteed to meet Class A volumetric tolerance.


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