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Diesel Particulate Filters

Corning filters are used in trap systems that remove particulate matter (soot) from diesel exhaust emissions. These filters have a cellular structure with individual channels open and plugged at opposite ends. Exhaust gases enter the open end, flow through the pores of the cell walls, and exit the filter through the adjacent channel. Soot particles are too large to flow through the pores, and they collect on the channel walls. Periodically the filter is regenerated (heated) to consume the soot and clean the filter.

Corning® DuraTrap® AT filters - Particulate filters for light-duty diesel emissions systems  
Corning® DuraTrap® AT diesel particulate filters use advanced materials and monolithic design to deliver high filtration efficiency, excellent pressure drop performance and enhanced durability.

Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP filters - Particulate filters for next-generation diesel systems  
Corning® DuraTrap® AT LP 300/10 and Corning DuraTrap® AT LP 300/13 filters are designed with a lower porosity and optimized microstructure to enable product designs for low pressure drop or high soot mass limit.

Corning® DuraTrap® AT filters - For heavy-duty diesel systems requiring high durability    
Corning® DuraTrap® AT filters offer a robust solution to help meet tightening diesel emissions standards for on-road vehicles, as well as large and small non-road vehicles. With an advanced material composition and monolithic design, the filters deliver excellent durability, high thermal capability and low back pressure.
Corning® DuraTrap® AC filters - For excellent pressure drop benefits in heavy-duty systems  
Corning® DuraTrap® AC filters reduce back pressure and lower overall system and operating costs.