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Ceramic Substrates

Corning® Celcor® substrates kick-started a global clean-air movement. Optimized for high performance, efficiency, and flexibility, Corning's advanced ceramic substrates are designed to meet your most demanding gasoline and diesel system needs in both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. A catalyzed substrate the size of a soda can is capable of providing an effective surface area greater than the size of a soccer field for excellent conversion efficiency.

For ultra-high performance emissions control systems
Meet increasingly stringent emissions standards with our highest cell density products. Ultrathin-wall products facilitate the design of much more efficient emissions control systems and extremely low pressure drop.

For advanced emissions control systems
Improve emissions performance and expand design options with thin-wall substrates. Compared with standard products, thin-wall substrates offer additional flexibility for lower cost emissions systems through precious metal thrifting.

For emissions control systems
Satisfy baseline emissions and design requirements with our standard products.

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