EAGLE XG® Slim Glass Substrates

As emerging mobile applications drive increased demand for thinner, lighter display panels, Corning’s EAGLE XG® Slim glass substrates help panel manufactures meet this demand in a more cost-efficient and environmentally conscious way, by making the glass free of heavy metals.

Now available in 0.3 mm thickness up to Generation 6 (1500mm by 1800mm, or roughly five feet by six feet), EAGLE XG Slim glass provides a significant cost reduction benefit to LCD display panel manufacturers.

Currently, many flat-panel display manufacturers must thin the LCD glass plate through an expensive acid etching step as part of their production process. EAGLE XG Slim glass is naturally thin so it requires no acid etching to meet the 0.3mm target thickness and hence eliminates thinning costs completely.

EAGLE XG Slim glass is currently used in mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, and televisions. The availability of 0.3 mm substrates in Generation 6 size provides an ideal solution for emerging mobile applications, like those in the Ultrabook™ product category. Ultrabooks, a trademark of Intel Corporation, are notebooks that allow users to consume and produce content without sacrificing mobility.

EAGLE XG Slim glass is produced using the award-winning EAGLE XG glass composition and Corning’s proprietary fusion process. This precise process produces glass substrates with inherent dimensional stability and exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces – qualities essential to the successful manufacture of LCD displays.

EAGLE XG® Slim Material Information Sheet