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Supplier Enrollment

If you have been contacted by Corning's Procurement organization and requested to submit a Supplier Enrollment application, please complete the appropriate package for your organization. Corning does NOT accept unsolicited applications from suppliers.

The enrollment package must be completed in entirety and approved by an appropriate representative from your organization. Failure to complete all required information will result in delays or rejection of your enrollment. The enrollment information will remain in effect until such time as you submit a revised enrollment package or the decision is made to discontinue the supplier relationship. If you have questions, contact your Corning representative BEFORE you return the completed forms.

Corning will not do business with your organization until the enrollment package is submitted and approved according to our stated policies. The use of this information is strictly for Corning Incorporated, we will not redistribute your information.

To utilize our forms, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® version 7.0 or later installed on your computer. The latest version can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com.

Steps for completing Supplier Enrollment Form:

Step 1:  Review Corning's transaction requirements and payment options information

Step 2:  U.S. suppliers open U.S. Enrollment Form, otherwise open Non-U.S. Form

Step 3:  Fill in requested information (you can type responses into the form)

Step 4:  Fax or E-mail Supplier Enrollment Form per instructions

Enrollment information changes - current suppliers 

Transaction requirements

Payment: OptionsNotification; and Electronic deposit of funds 


Language Preference  Enrollment Form [PDF]  Enrollment Help 
English: U.S. Suppliers Supplier Enrollment - U.S.        Enrollment Help - English     
English: Non-U.S. Suppliers Supplier Enrollment - Non-U.S.             Enrollment Help - English     
Español: Non-U.S. Suppliers Inscripción de proveedor - No estadounidense    
Francais: Non-U.S. Suppliers Enregistrement d'un Fournisseur   Contenu de Web d'Enrôlement dans le français      
German: Non-U.S. Suppliers Lieferantenregistrierung     
Polish: Non-U.S. Supplier Spoza USA Dostawcy  
Portuguese: Non-U.S. Supplier Inscrição de Fornecedor - para fornecedores fora dos E.U.A. Ajuda para a inscrição 

The statements and policies outlined are subject to change. Please review periodically to ensure you are aware of the most recent updates.

Corning financial reports including quarterly results, annual reports, historical financials, and SEC filings are conveniently located on www.corning.com. They can be found by going to the Investor Relations section and clicking Financial Reports on the left. Corning Incorporated Duns Number:  00-130-7735