Wendell Weeks shares fiber optic mission and vision on 60 Minutes

Published Apr 21 2024

Chairman & CEO Wendell Weeks appeared on CBS news program, 60 Minutes with journalist Lesley Stahl and Secretary Gina Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce. 

The segment featured the Commerce Department’s work to help bring back U.S. manufacturing and connect underserved Americans through the Internet for All program, a priority for the Biden Administration.

Stahl and Secretary Raimondo joined Wendell at Corning’s Concord fiber manufacturing facility to discuss the initiative, the impact it will have on demand for optical fiber and cable, and why the policy is good for U.S. manufacturing companies like Corning. 

Wendell spoke of Corning’s role in connecting the unconnected with transformative fiber optic technology, invented by the company over 50 years ago. Optical fiber powers the internet, making innovation in telehealth, remote work, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence possible. Corning is literally expanding the bandwidth of human potential, he said.