Forged in fire.

Ignited by people and ideas.

Fueled by imagination.


Glass moves life forward.


For almost two centuries, Corning has made the impossible possible, and changed the way we see the world, creating new capabilities, materials, and ways of working that are vital to progress.




Edison wrapped glass around light, bringing us out of darkness.

Armstrong and Aldrin looked through the windows of Apollo 11, seeing clearly the world we share.

Fiber and glass connect us to each other, crossing time and space.

Vials carry lifesaving vaccines, ensuring more treatments get to more people.


We celebrate glass not only for what it holds, protects, and makes possible, but for its own magic. The microscopic and dramatic, simple and complex, delicate and strong.


Its infinite potential is ours to make real.

Materials that begin as grains of sand, combined with creativity and vision, become the limitless palette for scientists' dreams.

Dreams that could prevent Arctic ice from melting, revolutionize clean energy from the sun, pull carbon out of thin air.


While wood, steel, and metal contain and bind, glass breaks through to the next great leap for humankind.


Corning’s impact on society is real – from tangible inventions in glass and ceramics to lifesaving and life-changing technologies. We draw upon our materials science leadership, manufacturing processes we pioneered, and industry expertise to make contributions vital to shaping the world we inhabit.

Trusted products that accelerate drug discovery, development, and delivery to save lives 

Damage-resistant cover glass to enhance the devices that keep us connected

Optical fiber, wireless technologies, and connectivity solutions to carry information and ideas at the speed of life

Precision glass for advanced displays to deliver richer experiences 

Auto glass and ceramics to drive cleaner, safer, and smarter transportation


The Progress Report is a collection of stories that reveal the thinking, people, and work behind Corning's world-changing products.


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