Corning’s Tymon Daniels Discusses CHIPS Act On Bloomberg Tax Podcast

Published Dec 13 2023

For more than 50 years, Corning teams have met ever-increasing challenges to help industry leaders produce tinier and more powerful chips deployed in more products than ever.

In an episode on Bloomberg’s Talking Tax podcast, Corning’s VP of Tax Tymon Daniels discusses the critical role Corning plays in the semiconductor industry. Daniels says "the goals of the CHIPS Act will go unmet if the IRS continues to exclude the chip makers, suppliers.” Daniels said, “If you look at what the CHIPS Act is trying to accomplish, it’s about national security. It’s about technological independence. It’s about global leadership. And with that, we see the inclusion of polysilicon in the definition of semiconductor as just being logical and critical for a few key reasons.” Daniels also mentions Corning subsidiary Hemlock Semiconductor.