This glass glow-up starts with a grain of sand

From grains of sand to thinner-than-paper sheets of glass, this is a truly amazing transformation.



With glass, Corning crafted Edison’s first light bulb, the cathode ray tube, and crystal-clear displays for TVs, phones, and other electronics. Our inventions have become the world’s standard in display glass and have enabled human connection, bringing news and entertainment to life in vivid picture.

When we talk about our personal journeys, there are highs, hiccups, reinventions, and reflection. With glass, that journey has taken thousands of years. But in that time, glass has endured an incredible transformation –a transformation that starts with grains of sand.

That sand, along with dozens of other elements, has led to what we know now: a clear, pristine, extremely functional material used in virtually every part of our lives. At Corning, we’ve made glass stronger and clearer than ever –a metamorphic journey that some might call a “glow-up.”

The transformation is driven by our scientists’ curiosities, their intricate knowledge of the periodic table of elements, a mastering of the fusion process, and, fundamentally, a hunger for progress.

But these applications are only the beginning for display glass.

Ever-changing and never-ending, this journey keeps pushing forward.


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