Glass – Vital to our future

What does glass have in store for the future? Corning CEO Wendell Weeks explains that and more in a National Day of Glass presentation.


Smarter, clearer displays. Vials for lifechanging medicine. Miles upon miles of fiber optic cable that connects us all.

We know what glass does for our world. But what can it do for our future?

Corning Chairman and CEO Wendell Weeks traveled to Washington, D.C., for the 2022 National Day of Glass. He presented to the biggest minds in the North American glass industry, art community, government agencies, and educational systems about why glass is vital to human progress.

"We love how alive glass is – how artists and designers make it breathe, dance, and sing," Wendell said at the American Ceramic Society event. "And how scientists and engineers use it to solve many of the world's toughest challenges."

In his speech, Wendell highlighted multiple human advancements made possible by glass – such as space exploration, advanced healthcare, and communications – and the role Corning could play in future innovations.

So, what does glass have in store for the future? Wendell explains it all in this video.


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