An investment in education for a thriving community


Corning Display and BOE work together to enhance education where they operate in Wuhan, China, giving students in rural areas a place to learn and grow.

Students celebrate the first day at Wuhan Corning Hope School.

This fall, the children near Wuhan, China, got ready for school. They packed their brightly colored backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles and made their way from rural villages to their primary school in the city. But they weren’t the only ones preparing.

Crews had been hard at work in the local school, making repairs, painting, cleaning, and moving in new desks and chairs. They installed improved security systems as teachers booted up new laptops to prepare lesson plans at the newly named Wuhan Corning Hope School, the first primary school sponsored by Corning Display.

Corning’s donation includes new desks and chairs, facility repairs, and an improved security system.

Investing in the city of Wuhan, where Corning Display operates a plant alongside longtime customer BOE, supports the companies’ shared philosophy that local learning is the foundation for a sustainable, thriving community.

Just as BOE uses Corning advanced glass to create cutting-edge display experiences in TVs and other devices, together, they brought that experience to the students in Wuhan. Wuhan Corning Hope School features the first-ever Beyond E-Library, consisting of a class set of BOE’s multi-function learning devices. The display monitors allow students to remotely attend additional classes and access digital materials and experiences to enhance their studies.

Students and teachers joined with representatives from Corning, BOE, and the local government on Oct. 17 this year to celebrate their newly improved school. A representative from the Wuhan Youth Development Foundation commemorated the donation on behalf of the students.

Students and teachers give a thumbs up to their revitalized learning environment.

“We extend our gratitude to the leadership of the Huangpi District, support from Corning and BOE, and all those who have supported rural education,” he said. “We hope that students, in this new learning environment, excel academically, become successful, and give back to their hometown, using knowledge to change the future.”

Corning is proud to help students along that journey, said Daniel Tseng, president and general manager of Corning Display Technologies China.

“We sincerely hope that every student can access high-quality educational resources, broaden their horizons, cultivate innovative thinking, and use their education as a force to benefit various industries and contribute to society,” Tseng said at the celebration. “Quality education is one of the core areas of focus for our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and Corning will continue to support the enhancement of education quality and nurture more individuals with innovative potential.”

BOE’s multifunctional learning devices give students access to learning programs.

And the students at Wuhan Corning Hope School won’t be the last to benefit from Corning’s mission to develop jointly with the communities where the company operates. A second Beyond E-Library is now available to students at a school in Hefei, China, with a Chongqing-area school next on the list.

Corning’s dedication to local education runs deep, from the Corning Future Innovator programs in Taiwan, India, and the Chinese mainland, to employee-led fundraising efforts across the globe.

“Together with our industry partners, we look forward to extending our reach to support students — in Wuhan and beyond,” Tseng said.