This glass can make your car as smart as your phone


Glass can transform the driving experience, and Corning is behind the wheel.


Automakers are designing cars that are more connected and autonomous than they’ve ever been. And today, the sleekest and most technology-rich automotive interiors use Corning’s technical-glass innovations.

We invited two auto industry experts to get to know us and understand what puts Corning in A Glass of Its Own.

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained:  The Engineer

Jason Fenske is the absolute authority for helping everyday car enthusiasts understand how cars work. In his video “How The Glass Inside Your Car Is Engineered – Not So Simple!”, Jason puts our glass to the test by bending it in radii previously unimaginable and attempting to smash it to pieces.

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Frank Stephenson: The Designer

World-renowned auto designer Frank Stephenson boasts big names like BMW, McLaren, and Fiat on his impressive design resume. In his video “Is This What Car Interiors Will Look Like in 10 Years!?”, Frank explores the magic of glass and the new design possibilities the material opens for the cars of the future.

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