Corning Pharmaceutical Tubing by Application

Tubing by Application

Tubing for Vials

Selecting the right pharmaceutical glass tubing is essential for drug safety and efficacy, where factors such as chemical durability, hydrolytic resistance, and regulatory compliance are critical. Corning’s expertise in glass science has positioned it as a premier supplier of high-standard glass tubing, which upholds the integrity of pharmaceuticals due to its exceptional chemical resistance, neutrality, and impermeability. These attributes are crucial for the stability and longevity of medications.

Tubing for Syringes

Corning® 51 Tubing serves as a dependable raw material for prefilled glass syringe systems, offering precision and consistency. Recognized for its dimensional accuracy and uniform inside diameter tolerances, it aligns with the needs of leading manufacturers and meets multiple ISO standard sizes for glass syringe manufacturing.

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Tubing for Cartridges

Corning® 51 Tubing stands out as a reliable raw material for pharmaceutical glass cartridge systems, known for its precision and consistency. These qualities make it a favored option among leading manufacturers in the industry, meeting a range of ISO standard sizes for cartridge manufacturing.

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Tubing for Ampoules

The durability of Corning glass tubing allows for the production of ampoule tube thickness as low as 0.5mm, while still maintaining compatibility with various ampoule opening techniques (one point cut, color break ring, and score ring). Corning’s long history of expertise in precise dimensional control and guaranteed uniform wall thickness are pivotal in ensuring the functionality of the final ampoule in all applications.

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Onion Skin Tubing for Breakable Ampoules

Thin wall tubing, also known as Onion Skin, can be directly drawn into 1500mm length tubes suitable for converting into a breakable (crushable) glass ampoule. Made with Corning® 51 Tubing, this style of glass raw material typically has a wall thicknesses of less than 0.25 mm. A variety of sizes are available from 6mm in outside diameter up to 13mm in diameter with customer specific wall thicknesses designed for the specific break force criteria as specified by each customer. 

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