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A-39N Variable Focus Lens

A-39N Variable Focus Lens

Product Details

Our A-39N Variable Focus Lens is designed specifically for variable focus products needing a large clear aperture, long focal objectives, large sensors, C-Mount objective lenses, laser beam shaping, etc. It is perfectly suited for applications such as industrial vision, optical equipment and biometric devices.

A-39N is based on Corning Varioptic’s breakthrough lens technology, allowing variable focus with absolutely no moving parts.

A-39N features 20 diopters of dynamic range, guaranteeing 5 cm focus ability and offers the same low power consumption, high shock resistance and fast focus ability that have led to the success of the A-Series Variable Focus Lenses.


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 Clear aperture @0° field of view

 3.9 mm

 Low optical power

 -5 diopters (m-1)
 High optical Power  +15 diopters (m-1)
 Optical quality (Wave Front Error)  50 nm (rms)
 Transmission @ 587nm  97%
 Outer diameter  13 mm
 Thickness (rear window to front of lens)  4.05 mm
 Total thickness  4.25 mm
 Storage Temperature  from -40 to 85°C
 Operating Temperature  from -20 to 60°C

Key Features

  • Silent
  • Fast response time
  • Focus range supports 5 cm to infinity
  • Easy to integrate-improved yields for camera module production

Ordering Information

  • A-39N0: A-39N with an Anti-Reflective coating optimized in the visible range
  • A-39N1: A-39N with an Anti-Reflective coating optimized in the Near Infrared
  • A-39N9: A-39N with no Anti-Reflective coating
  • A-39NX-P37: A-39NX (X=0, 1, 9) with FPC-A-37

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