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Increase yield, enhance lab productivity, lower your risk, and get your scale-up right, right from the start.


End-to-End Solutions for Scaling-up

When it comes to scaling-up your big idea, make sure you have a partner that's as comfortable in the production suite as in the lab.

Corning offers an extensive selection of vessels, media, and surface treatments for scaling-up both anchorage-dependent and suspension cells. Rely on our decades of experience in cell culture to get the exact end-to-end solution you need—and the high yield you demand.

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Bridge the gap between R&D and production

Corning brings together an extensive selection of vessels, surfaces, and media to create an end-to-end solution for scaling-up cells to support critical applications such as vaccine development, tissue engineering, biobanking, and biomolecule production.

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Corning® Closed System Solutions

Corning® Closed System Solutions

With our broad offering of cell culture products, we can create a custom closed system solution.

Decrease the risk of contamination, eliminate the time and expense of sourcing and assembly, and improve productivity with a custom Corning closed system.

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Corning Microcarriers

Corning Microcarriers

Simplify your scale-up process with sterile, ready-to-use Corning microcarriers.

Available in closed systems packaging to be used directly with bioreactors, Corning microcarriers are surface-treated to enhance cell attachment, maximizing cell yield and cell viability.

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Corning 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks

Corning 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks

When space is at a premium, Corning 5L Erlenmeyer flasks support the efficient scale-up of

Ideal for shaker culture applications and storage, the 5L Erlenmeyer Flasks are especially well-suited to support the scale-up of suspension culture, while keeping space efficiency in mind.

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Featured Resources

Webinar: Theory and Practice of Cell Culture Scale-up: A Beginner’s Guide for Scaling- Up

Join Dr. John Shyu, a Corning Field Application Scientists and expert in cell culture bioprocessing, as he discusses how to select the best vessels, while keeping the scale-up process simple and affordable.

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Webinar: Tips and Techniques for Culturing and Scaling-up Primary Cells

Learn about the importance of choosing the correct dissociation method. Get proven techniques for isolating primary cells and tissues, along with troubleshooting tips for culturing healthier primary cells.

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