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Optical Fiber Videos - Bend Matters

Optical Fiber Videos - Bend Matters

Optical Fiber Videos - Bend Matters

Bend Matters

Bend Matters

Corning’s ClearCurve® fiber solutions can be stapled and bent around corners, enable faster and easier installation, and provide space savings and better aesthetics – all without sacrificing performance.

Corning Enables Superior Reach & Versatile Connectivity

Corning® ClearCurve® OM4 fiber and the EDGE8® platform provide versatile connectivity solutions for speeds up to 100G and beyond.

Fiber Solutions to Address Space Constraints in Access Networks

A webinar detailing the space constraint challenges in the Access networks. These challenges have driven innovative cable designs, enabled by a new class of fiber with a 200µm fiber which have led to smaller, lighter weight products that are easier to install and extend the life of the existing infrastructure.


Sustaining the Cloud with a Faster Datacenter

A webinar detailing the possibilities and importance of sustaining the Cloud with a faster, greener, and up-time optimized data center.

Corning’s ClearCurve® ZBL Fiber Solution

We continue to lead the industry in the bend-insensitive category with ClearCurve® ZBL optical fiber, which sets the standard for bend performance while remaining compliant to the most stringent ITU-T Recommendations G.652.D and G.657.

Corning's ClearCurve® Multimode Fiber Bending Video

Our ClearCurve multimode fiber delivers the best macrobending performance in the industry - up to 10x better than standard multimode fiber. As a result, these fibers enable superior bandwidth performance for data centers and other enterprise networks.

Bend, Bandwidth, or Both: Making the Right Choice for Your Enterprise Network

An e-Brief presentation which details the benefits of bend-insensitive multimode fiber and why it is best suited for data centers and other enterprise network installations.

Demonstration of the ultra-bendable optical fiber, ClearCurve® VSDN® fiber

In 2012 at The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition, our team had the opportunity to demonstrate the new ultra-bendable optical fiber, ClearCurve® VSDN® fiber.

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