OptiSnap™High Performance Toolkit 2 Frequently Asked Questions

[{"faqCategory":"OptiSnap™High Performance Toolkit 2 Frequently Asked Questions","faqList":[{"question":"Will there still be repair support for my existing OptiSnap™ toolkits?","answer":"Yes, there will still be repair support for existing OptiSnap™ toolkits. There are no plans to stop repair support for any&nbsp;OptiSnap™ toolkits."},{"question":"Why are we making the change?","answer":"<p>Customer feedback highlighted desired improvements within the fiber termination process. Therefore, we have enhanced the customer experience and reduced the amount of time to terminate an OptiSnap® connector by 25 percent. The new tool also provides operational feedback and guidance. This helps lower labor costs and decrease mistakes, increasing customer profits and time to do other jobs.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>"},{"question":"What’s different?","answer":"<p>There are 45 percent fewer termination steps (from 18 steps to10). This reduces the time to install an OptiSnap® connector by 25 percent with the new tool. Integrated intelligence provides step-by-step guidance throughout the termination process, as well as corrective guidance in the event that a process error occurs.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Termination guidance is provided by an integrated LCD panel that features Corning® Gorilla® Glass.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The toolkit also includes a 7-in LCD panel with pre-loaded, step-by-step videos to guide the user through the fiber preparation and termination process.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This generation of the OptiSnap tool is single-mode only. It is intended for installing LC-APC and SC-APC only. The OptiSnap high-performance toolkit 2 is not ST compatible.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>"},{"question":"What are the part numbers for the new OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit 2?","answer":"<p>TKT-OPTISNAP-CF2 (Kit)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>TL-OSE2 (Installation Tool <b>Only</b>)</p>"},{"question":"Are we obsoleting the current OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit?","answer":"No. At this time, there are no plans to obsolete the current OptiSnap™ toolkit (TKT-OPTISNAP-CF)."},{"question":"When will the new OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit 2 be available?","answer":"Kits are available for shipment today."},{"question":"What is the price difference between the OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit and the OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit 2?","answer":"There is approximately $450 difference in price between the two kits"},{"question":"When will we start shipping?","answer":"The OptiSnap High Performance Toolkit 2 is available to ship now."},{"question":"What support resources are available?","answer":"We offer support through the <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"/content/microsites/coc/optical-communications/apac/au/en/home/products/optisnap-connectors-resource-center.html\">OptiSnap Resource Center</a>, Pioneer training support, and a technical support line as needed."},{"question":"Are there any promotions?","answer":"Ask your local Sales Engineer for promotions surrounding this launch."},{"question":"What is the warranty on the new kit?","answer":"The warranty on this kit is 15 months from the manufactured date. The manufactured date is located inside the battery compartment."},{"question":"Is there an exchange program available?","answer":"No"},{"question":"How do you register the new tool kit?","answer":"Customers should visit the <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"/content/microsites/coc/optical-communications/apac/au/en/home/products/optisnap-connectors-resource-center/OptiSnap-tool-kit-registration.html\">OptiSnap® Registration Page</a> to register your Corning toolkit. URL information is also available on registration card in the kit."},{"question":"Will we offer a gift for registering the new OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit 2?","answer":"Yes, the gift for the new TKT-OPTISNAP-CF2 is a rechargeable AA battery pack that lasts twice as long as conventional batteries and ships directly to customers after the tool kit registration process is complete."},{"question":"Will Corning still offer a gift for registering the older style OptiSnap™ tools and OptiSnap™ toolkits?","answer":"Yes, the current 2.5 mm port cleaner is still available for the TKT-OPTISNAP-CF."},{"question":"When is the commercial launch?","answer":"Commercial launch is June 2018. The launch will coincide with the 2018 Fiber Connect tradeshow in Nashville, TN."},{"question":"Is there an OptiSnap™ high-performance toolkit 2 component reorder guide available?","answer":"Yes, the reorder guide is available as the last video on the LCD video panel, or it is available as a PDF as CRR-578-AEN"},{"question":"Has the OptiSnap® connector changed?","answer":"No, there are no changes to the connector. The focus has been on toolkit enhancements."},{"question":"What is the lead time?","answer":"The OptiSnap™ High Performance toolkit 2 is available now at a distributor near you."}],"resourcePath":"/optical-communications/au/en/home/products/optisnap-connectors-resource-center.html"}]