Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Invention of Low-loss Optical Fiber

This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention of low-loss optical fiber — the cornerstone of our communications revolution that has transformed the way we connect. In a Corning lab on a Friday afternoon five decades ago, a single strand of glass and a bright spot of light set the world on a path of continuous innovation.

Optical fiber shapes the networks that connect us to each other today – and the boundless possibilities of tomorrow. Whether you're making a phone call across the world, downloading a video on your tablet, or reading this article right now, optical fiber delivers the streamlined connectivity needed in today's high-speed world. 

Therefore, critical infrastructure operators such as data center operators, telcos, and business owners need to ensure that their core networking infrastructure is fitted with top-graded optical fiber in order to maintain the operational reliability at an uptime of at least >99.9999% to meet the high certification standards and remain competitive.

Because the 50th anniversary of optical fiber means so much to our world, we’re celebrating this important milestone with the release of a special report featuring research by IDC.

Download the Complimentary Report

Download the Complimentary Report

Celebrating 50 Years of Fiber
Featuring Research Insights by IDC

Did you know that a whopping 100x fiber densification is required for a 5G network versus 4G? Check out these and other insights in a very special report to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the invention of low-loss optical fiber.

Read the complete research for in-depth observations and analysis.

This research insight report highlights how optical fiber has transformed our industry and features the following:

  • A brief look into the history of the invention of the low-loss optical fiber
  • An overview of the 100x fiber densification required for 5G networks versus 4G
  • Asia Pacific fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) growth figures
  • The advantage of optical fiber over legacy medium

We invite you to explore the research paper and celebrate fiber’s rich history and innovative future. 

Research Insights by IDC:

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