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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion are not a tactic or a box to check. Rather, they are a natural and organic part of our culture.”

Leadership Message

Leadership Message

From the Talent Manager for Global Diversity & Inclusion

Thank you for your interest in Corning! As a leading innovator in a number of today’s high technology industries, we offer a variety of exciting career opportunities. We are looking for the brightest and the best to join our global workforce of diverse innovators, and hope you’ll give us your serious consideration.

For more than 165 years, Corning has been changing the world through innovation. We have a distinctive culture guided by an enduring set of Values and a belief that our workforce of diverse talent inspires innovation and provides a differential advantage. We embrace differences, and understand there is a transactional nature to how we learn from each other, adopt new practices, grow, and evolve.

Our D&I Vision and Strategy

Our vision is to continue to support and enhance an open, inclusive culture that values the full spectrum of diversity, and provides a safe, accepting environment where every employee can bring his/her whole self to work. We reflect our customers, suppliers, and consumers in our employees and organizational teams. We see our future in the personal and professional development of our diverse workforce and encourage individual engagement at every level of the organization.

To realize our vision, we are pursuing a five-year Diversity & Inclusion Strategy with a two-fold purpose: (1) build upon Corning’s 45-year commitment to diversity and inclusion by proactively supporting our strategic imperative to hire, develop, promote, and retain diverse individuals with unique backgrounds and characteristics; and (2) leverage the inherent creativity of diverse and inclusive teams across all business units and staff groups to drive tomorrow’s disruptive innovations.

The initiatives we’ll undertake to employ our strategy will further enhance our working environment and help ensure those who join our ranks will feel comfortable working at Corning – in our labs, our offices, our manufacturing facilities, and our customer sites. For it’s only when people feel comfortable and accepted that they’ll fully contribute the way we need them to. At Corning, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is authentic and aligned with our Values. Diversity and inclusion are not a tactic or a box to check. Rather, they are a natural and organic part of our culture. 

Check Us Out!

I invite you to explore our Careers page to learn more about the exciting opportunities we have to offer. You’ll also be interested in our numerous Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which represent vital employee segments. Our ERGs provide developmental, educational, training, and networking opportunities, and host cultural activities that promote company-wide inclusion.

Good luck with your job search and thanks for considering Corning!


Monica Bankston

Talent Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion