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“Diversity is vital to Corning because of our distinctive identity
as a company that grows through global innovation. Innovation depends
on diversity of ideas, experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.
The more diverse the team, the better the output.”

— Wendell Weeks
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President

Diversity is all of us together — it benefits all of us
and great things come from the synergies of our differences.

At Corning, we recognize that Diversity has been and continues to be our greatest strength. From our company’s beginnings in the shadow of Ellis Island, which is the symbol of immigration to the U.S., to our future in the brilliance of the global marketplace, diversity in resources, people, products and markets has given us a strategic advantage generation after generation. Over 40 years ago, Corning made a formal commitment to Diversity within our workforce. What began as a U.S.-centered, compliance-focused effort today has grown into a celebration of Diversity and Inclusion on a global scale.

Diversity Shapes What We Do in Four Vital Ways

Diversity Shapes What We Do in Four Vital Ways


At Corning, Diversity and Inclusion are business imperatives affecting how we relate to and work with one another, our suppliers and our customers. We know that diversity of background helps us with different ways to view, interpret and solve problems. By valuing and respecting Diversity, we are able to leverage what our people bring to the enterprise.

As we increase our global presence, it is vital to attract, develop, and retain the best available diverse talent — we search the world to find those individuals. To support our employees and their families, we proudly sponsor a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which together form our Diversity Network. These groups raise awareness around important issues that often stimulate the company to respond with new policies, services, and development and training opportunities. ERGs draw employees into cultural activities, thereby increasing cultural understanding among colleagues that enhances working relationships.


In concert with our corporate Values and strategic framework, Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental to the way we operate within our company and in the larger world. The combination of our focus on innovation and emerging markets along with our dedication to continually reinvent ourselves as a company creates a dynamic environment that provides vibrant careers for Corning employees.

Corning works to ensure our employees reflect the diversity of the customers who benefit from our innovations. In that respect, our people are our best “brand ambassadors.” Also, we are committed to providing access to all suppliers and promoting diversity within our supply base. Corning ensures that every aspect of our operations is conducted with respect for the laws, customs and cultures of the regions in which we operate. To that end, we respect local uniqueness while holding fast to our corporate Values and operating principles. We support local communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Diversity is the foundation of Corning’s distinctive collaborative culture.


Successful global innovation at Corning depends on diversity of thought, experience, background and the unique traits of individuals working in a collaborative, inclusive culture. As a leader in industrial research and development, Corning maintains a global network of cutting-edge laboratories staffed with world-class scientists and engineers. The Research and Development (R&D) professionals collaborate with equally skilled business, manufacturing and operations colleagues, as employees work with teams around the globe to discover technologies that change the world for the better.

Diversity is a competitive advantage that advances the innovation process at Corning. We know that from diverse talent come diverse ideas that drive the next great invention. Therefore, we meld people, processes and financial investment to deliver patentable technologies that revolutionize our chosen markets. We encourage our people to take managed risks on technology when we believe an innovation solution can be commercialized. Breakthroughs occur when our employees’ passion for science meshes with Corning’s markets of interest, delivering benefits to society and bringing value to our company.

Our Vision For The Future

As we continue our Diversity Journey, Corning looks to the future with confidence. Our corporate Values and operating principles are the elements that will guide us through the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

Corning embraces change as a force that will lead us boldly into the future, and we will continue to welcome the challenge to pursue markets where our strength in innovation can make a difference. We have a rich history of adapting to and prevailing over changing market conditions in ways that ultimately benefit our customers, ourselves and society at large. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our legacy.

Corning’s continuing commitment to this approach that has brought success for more than 160 years.