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Why Manufacturing?

Why Manufacturing?

When you’re part of Corning Environmental Technologies’ manufacturing leadership and engineering team, you will learn first-hand how to make life-changing products for our customers. You’ll learn engineering principles, applying them directly to the work you do every day. You’ll understand our technology and why it matters not only to Corning, but to the world. 

In manufacturing, you’ll play a key role in producing our products. You’ll gain operational and leadership experience that will help you to grow your career; experience you can only get by working alongside and leading employees who manufacture our products from start to finish. You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment and pride in work that matters: Innovations that can virtually eliminate many harmful vehicle emissions and make the air cleaner and healthier. And in the process, you’ll begin carving your own path towards a successful future with many career options, perhaps leading and influencing projects, key initiatives or other people within Corning’s manufacturing organization.   

Becoming a Team Leader

The role of a team leader is one of the most important in Corning and serves as a foundational experience for careers in operations or business leadership. Each week, a team leader makes critical decisions affecting the financial success of the business, product quality, customer satisfaction and the health and safety of  employees. These are skills you can’t learn in a classroom. You’ll make decisions and set priorities rapidly, right on the factory floor. You’ll motivate a diverse team of employees as you work together to create  groundbreaking processes and products.

Over time, our team leaders gain exposure to every facet of manufacturing and complex plant operations. Because of this, some team leaders eventually develop into key leadership and even plant management roles. And those who are successful at plant management often go on to become leaders within the company.

Growth in the Corning Valley

Corning employees enjoy long, varied careers that can cross businesses and take you to regions all over the US and the world. With several plants, a state-of-the-art research facility, global engineering, and several other functions all located within a few miles of Corning’s corporate headquarters, you can also  pursue plenty of new opportunities in the Corning Valley after you’ve gained experience as a manufacturing team leader.

A Legacy of (re)Invention

For nearly 170 years, Corning Incorporated – once known as Corning Glass Works – has been taking on materials science challenges that confounded other companies. In 1879, Corning glassblowers successfully made the first glass encasement for Thomas Edison’s new electric lamp. From there, life-changing innovations continued rapidly. Mass-produced television tubes, the flat glass that reshaped consumer electronics, optical fiber that paved the way for the Internet – all these revolutionary products have come from forward-thinking Corning innovators living and working in the Corning area. It’s no wonder that the automobile industry came to Corning in 1972 and asked for help in lowering harmful gas engine emissions. The resulting die-extruded ceramic substrates and filters made by Corning Environmental Technologies earned Corning researchers a spot in the National Inventors Hall of Fame and have set the standard for clean-air systems around the world ever since.


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Life in Corning, New York

Life in Corning, New York

Living in Corning means being part of a vibrant, lively community. The region offers delicious food, great wine, and thrilling outdoor experiences for residents and visitors alike. But that’s just the beginning. Community members here have a sense of belonging and empathy for one another. There’s a sense of pride and optimism that visitors notice immediately. Great schools, affordable and safe living, and easy access to major cities across the country make Corning, New York a great place to call home.

Food, Wine, and Natural Beauty

Explore the Finger Lakes – Western New York’s Finger Lakes region is filled with charming wineries, terrific food, and scenic vistas. Launch your boat (or rent one!) for an unforgettable on-the-water experience.

Hike the State Parks – Natural beauty is easy to come by in Western New York.  Hiking trails, natural gorges, and wooded campgrounds give you abundant places to rest and refresh.

Enjoy Outdoor Events – The Corning region also hosts plenty of prestigious outdoor events, including the Wineglass Marathon and the Tour de Keuka bike race. Get a thrill sailplaning off Harris Hill. Or bring the family to meet woodland animals at one of the region’s fine nature centers.



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Small Town, Vibrant Community

A Main Street with Restaurants and Dining – Corning’s small-town atmosphere is evident in our thriving business community. Historic buildings along Market Street are filled with restaurants and shops, and you’re always sure to run into people you know.

Local Events – Corning’s community calendar is filled with annual events for everyone. You can celebrate fireworks on the 4th of July, taste food from all around the world, and watch a sparkling holiday parade, all without leaving a town of 10,000.

Local Museums and Arts – Watch live glassmaking – or learn to blow glass yourself -- at the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass. Reflect on the beauty and history of the American West at The Rockwell Museum.  Learn fencing, throw a clay pot, or tap-dance at 171 Cedar Arts Center. See a world-class theater production at the Clemens Center in Elmira. It’s all part of a local culture that connects people and bring them together as a community.

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A Place to Call Home

Childcare – Corning employees have access to childcare centers meeting rigorous accreditation standards and staffed with experienced child-development experts. Diverse cultural experiences are commonplace as children grow and expand their views on the world.

Schools – Students in Corning’s public schools consistently perform well on standardized assessments, and enjoy a host of athletic and extracurricular activities that reflect the rich diversity of the area. Private school options let students specialize in math and science, or select faith-based environments. All local schools incorporate elements of community service into their programs, with student volunteers contributing to nearly every aspect of local life.

Airports – By flying in and out of nearby Elmira and Ithaca, Corning-area residents can travel quickly to large urban areas while enjoying the hassle-free environment of small, regional airports. Major airline hubs along the East coast and Midwest are easily accessible.

Cost of Living – The cost of living in Corning is well below the average for the state. Groceries and healthcare cost less here, compared to the whole of New York State. The real savings comes with housing; median home costs in Corning are nearly two-thirds below the rest of the state.