Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Corning Everon® Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Corning Everon® Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

80% of cellular demand is inside of buildings, fast and reliable cellular coverage is a basic expectation of people in every property. Corning Everon® Network Solutions offer a full suite of in-building wireless solutions to meet your needs. Corning Everon® DAS (ONE DAS) offers exceptional value for a variety of enterprise applications.

Wi-Fi Future Ready

5G capable today and backwards compatible. Our DAS solutions are 5g-ready and built with scalability in mind.

5G Lower Upgrade Cost – Less Disruption

Avoid disruption and costly upgrades with Everon DAS. Built on an optical fiber core network our DAS solutions can help you stay ahead of technology and evolving user requirements.

Wi-Fi Streamlined Deployment

Everon DAS solutions are approved by the major US cellular operators to be used by their Network Engineers, greatly reducing the time and effort to commission Everon DAS.

Wi-Fi Expert Support

Backed by our expert team deeply committed to customer service, rooted in our 150 + year history of technology leadership.

Is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) right for my application?

DAS solutions are well suited for applications where more than one mobile carrier coverage is required and venue size is over 400,000 square feet.

If your structure is less than 400,000 square feet and requires 1-2 carrier coverage, we recommend our Everon® Small Cell offering. Need help deciding? 

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Corning Everon DAS Solution Architecture

Corning Everon DAS systems, formerly Mobile Access Networks, are a complete 5G capable end to end solution scalable for a variety of enterprise applications. From a single Hospital, to a business campus, and up to the largest stadium or venue, Corning has a DAS solution that is just right. Our modular DAS system solutions provide cost-optimized, multiband coverage and capacity support for multiple operators, with a single, simplified fiber optic infrastructure.

Software Driven and Modular DAS Systems 
Everon DAS grows with your needs. Systems software discovers network components and, with built-in system testing, both DAS setup and commissioning are simplified. Slide-in amplifiers for new bands, built-in MIMO, and completely software driven configurations of our platforms leave plenty of room for growth and serviceability. Stay connected today and tomorrow with a range of LTE and 5G frequencies and technologies.

Future ready, now, with fiber-to-the-edge
Optical infrastructure is easily deployable via a wide range of off the shelf or field terminated all-optical or composite cables. Easy to design, plug-and-play connectors significantly reduce installation cost and deployment time. Composite cabling, composed of both copper conductors for power and optical fibers for data traffic replaces PoE infrastructure while bringing the promise of a huge future.