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Research and Development

Corning is a renowned global leader in translating materials science into products that significantly improve people’s lives. Our inventive capacity is second to none. By partnering with customers who are also leaders in their fields, Corning has helped to change the world through innovation for more than 150 years. A few of our notable breakthroughs include:

  • delivering display glass that enables lower-cost, higher-resolution digital images for laptop and desktop computers, LCD televisions and other electronic devices;
  • revolutionizing the speed and quality of voice and data communications through fiber-optic communication networks;
  • increasing the pace and reducing the cost of new drug discovery with innovative labware,
  • making possible cleaner-running vehicles through the development of cellular ceramic catalytic converter substrates and filters.

No other company in the world knows glass like Corning does. We have been highly successful in extending this expertise into other materials, such as specialty glass, ceramics, crystals and polymers. The strength of our unique ability lies in melding this material expertise with process understanding to consistently deliver next-generation, life-changing technologies.

An Award-Winning Culture of Innovation

At Corning, we create an environment in research and development (R&D) that enables the best scientific minds in the world to create the innovations that form the foundation of our future. We continue to reinvest approximately 10 percent of our revenues into R&D, providing our scientists with the resources they need to be successful. We thrive on change and have built a culture that enables us to remain at the forefront of the markets we serve, often working closely with our customers. Our scientists regularly share expertise across both materials and businesses, enabling us to dynamically allocate resources to the most promising opportunities. 

As a catalyst of innovation, we take pride in our intellectual property – our most valuable asset. Each year our scientists apply for and receive hundreds of patents, and new products continue to account for more than 90 percent of our sales. Corning scientists are recognized around the world for their wealth of knowledge. A number of Corning employees are National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees. Additionally, as a company, we have received numerous awards of distinction, including the National Medal of Technology, not just once but four times.

Technology Development That Changes the World

Corning is not bound by traditional R&D norms. Our proven ability to meld the art of discovery with the science of development distinguishes us among technology companies. We leverage our expertise across technologies and businesses to dynamically solve complex problems to meet current and anticipated market needs. This “contrarian” approach to product development leads to break-out technologies that greatly benefit our customers, shareholders and, in many cases, the world. The depth and breadth of our technology platforms are the foundation of Corning’s strength and longevity in the marketplace.

Our unique innovation process is a rigorous, highly collaborative methodology that enables us to consistently – and efficiently – develop technologies that often enable entirely new markets. Our research scientists are not just idea generators – they are partners with their colleagues in development, engineering, manufacturing and commercial operations, from the earliest idea stage through commercialization. As a result, our inventive capacity is second to none. Our passion for developing new, disruptive technologies and our unwavering commitment to innovation fuels our growth and distinguishes Corning as a true technology leader.

What does it take to Innovate?

At Corning, our culture of innovation has been more than 150 years in the making. We take tremendous pride in our people and the intellectual property they enable. Each year, Corning scientists receive hundreds of patents, evidence that we are developing breakthrough products at a rapid pace. Corning is among the corporate leaders in patents granted per dollar invested in R&D. Today, new products continue to account for more than 90 percent of our sales, demonstrating that innovation truly is the fuel of our growth engine.